Testoril's, Rob Baker, Speaks about our Steroid Culture on the Buehler's Day Off Sports Radio Show

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On the heels of the Anthony Bosch interview on 60 Minutes, Rob Baker went on the Coachella Valley sports radio show to discuss Testoril and more.

Martinez, GA (PRUnderground) August 18th, 2014

Rob Baker, Vice President of Premium Nutraceuticals, went on the Buehler’s Day Off radio show on August 13 to speak on a number of topics related to enhancement drugs, including the Anthony Bosch 60 Minutes interview, steroids in professional sports, and teen use of anabolic steroids. The KXPX 1010 sports radio show hosted by Julie Buehler and Geoff Bloom focuses on daily sports topic as well as trending health/fitness issues.

With over 20 years in the wellness industry, Mr. Baker was able to use his expertise and experience to highlight some of the dangers and motivations of why people use steroids and other enhancement drugs. He stressed that although the physical dangers have been proven time after time in tests, individuals (especially teenagers) are willing to take the chance to achieve the body and athletic prowess they so desire. 

Additionally, he was quick to point out that teens are using steroids and other enhancement drugs more for appearance and social acceptance, rather than athletics. In regard to supplements, although they generally don’t carry the same risks as pharmaceutical drugs, he did say that users must do their research beforehand about a product.

“I always tell people to do the research when it comes to any dietary supplement…I think people should recognize that supplements are never held to the same standard as pharmaceuticals, so be sure to pick a manufacturer that has passed NSF testing for banned substances.”

The interview was not only an effort to educate the public about the pervasiveness of enhancement drugs, but also to show why Testoril™ might offer a safer alternative for those who suffer from low testosterone. Testoril uses all natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including Testofen®, a natural compound found in fenugreek that has been tested consistently to deliver results without some of the risks of other treatments.

“It is not hormonal. It is not a precursor to hormone production. It is basically just allowing a little higher bioavailability of that which is already there,” said Baker in the interview.

Testoril can help individuals with low testosterone achieve higher levels of energy and better results in the gym without the high costs and significant risks of synthetic, prescription solutions. For more information about Testoril, please visit http://www.testoril.com 

About Testoril

About Testoril
Testoril is a daily supplement produced by Premium Nutraceuticals LLC., a Martinez, GA-based company that also produces Vydox for virility. Testoril has been formulated with Testofen to help the body release higher levels of its own hormones. Testoril is marketed as a safer and much cheaper alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. For more information about Testoril, please visit http://www.testoril.com

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