Tele-Class Uses Holistic Whole-Foods Approach To Helping Women Curb Sugar Cravings

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Lose weight naturally and increase energy without doing a radical juice fast or deprivation detox diet.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2011

Erin Huggins, creator of The Sugar Smackdown tele-course, helps women world-wide break free from junky, sugary carb cravings, naturally jump start fat loss and increase energy in 21 days.

Most cleanses, juice fasts and detox diets require dramatic change or substantial sacrifice in eating habits.

“This deprivation approach can actually create a great deal of stress and often backfire into emotional eating and binge eating that perpetuates an unhealthy yo-yo dieting pattern,” says creator Erin Huggins.

In the Sugar Smackdown, Erin Huggins has created a fresh, pleasurable, whole-foods approach to detoxifying the body, losing weight, increasing energy and re-gaining your glow. Instead of your typical punishing experience that emphasizes control, removing many enjoyable foods and restricting calories, Erin encourages students to stop counting points, calories, carbs and grams and to relish in real food. She says cravings are a good thing and teaches students how to tap into their inner wisdom and ditch the diet mentality.

Ms. Huggins’ Sugar Smackdown has garnered a cult-like following for its fun, fresh, mind/body approach to fat loss and increasing energy. In addition to tangible food and fitness instruction, Ms. Huggins often uses guided meditations to support her students in laying the foundation for a belief system that supports their goals.

“As a body image educator, Women’s Studies professor, mother and former yo-yo dieter, I highly recommend Erin’s 21-day Sugar Smackdown. I struggled for almost two years with low energy, excess body weight, and anxiety after the birth of my son. The sugar smackdown was the tool that allowed me to recalibrate my body and my mind and re-establish healthy eating patterns by making informed choices and eating whole foods.” – Melanie, professor of Women’s Studies

New Years Resolution hype aside, January offers a great opportunity to renew your relationship with food, unhook from emotional eating, lose weight, increase energy and re-boot your body/mind connection. And this is what the Sugar Smackdown group tele-class promises to deliver.

Ms. Huggins’ next class launches January 11, 2012. Details available online at

About Erin Huggins:

Erin Huggins specializes in helping women break free from emotional eating. She opened her health coaching practice in ’99 and holds several specialized health, nutrition and fitness certifications.


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