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Teen Cyberbullying on the Rise Thanks to 24 Hour Access to Internet, New Messaging Platforms

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In an effort to curb the growing numbers of cyberbullying incidents, Cornerstone Reputation announces their newest service, the Cornerstone Cyberbullying Report.

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) February 21st, 2014

Ever increasing occurrences of cyberbullying have troubling real-life consequences, and are putting parents and schools in a challenging position.

Recent studies indicate that an ever increasing number of teens report engaging in some form of cyberbullying in the past two years– sometimes as the victim, sometimes as the bully. When teens spend over five hours a day online, being cruel from behind a keyboard is easy and can be impossible for victims to avoid. Cyberbullying is a serious problem with real life consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bullying can not only affects emotional well-being, it can also cause adverse health effects: “Victimized youth are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and poor school adjustment. Youth who bully others are at increased risk for substance use, academic problems, and violence later in adolescence and adulthood.” Cyberbullying has also been linked to recent teen suicides, leading to new legislation and potential legal repercussions for teens, parents, and schools.

As both the frequency and severity of online bullying increases, parents and schools are scrambling to keep up with the dynamic social media landscape. New messaging platforms like SnapChat and are becoming more popular as teens trend away from the more traditional sites like Facebook and Twitter. For most parents, keeping up these new sites can be overwhelming. This problem only grows exponentially for educators. How can parents and schools ensure the safety of their students online, especially if online bullying continues to grow at the current rate?

Cornerstone Reputation seeks to fundamentally change a culture of bad online behavior through education, mentorship and advocacy. In an effort to curb the growing numbers of cyberbullying incidents, Cornerstone Reputation announces their newest service, the Cornerstone Cyberbullying Report.

When parents purchase the Cyberbullying Report, Cornerstone Reputation will research their teens’ online footprints using the same tools and techniques leveraged in their high-end reputation management service. Using a team of Online Reputation Experts and Reputation Mentors, they seek out specific indicators of cyberbullying: both of engaging in, and of being the recipient of online bullying. Within a week of purchase, individuals receive a full report detailing the effects and signs of online bullying, along with strategies for improvement. The report also includes a section on sexting, and how that fits into the online landscape. Finally, purchasers receive a complete summary of online behavior that falls within the realm of cyberbullying that comes with specific suggestions for opening lines of communication with teens and tackling individual issues. Expert assistance can be invaluable to parents and schools when trying to tackle the troubling world of cyberbullying.

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