Technology BreakTHRU Launches Operations, Providing Market Validation Services For High-Technology

Industry: Information Technology

Validation Services For Venture Capital & Technology Companies Designed To Get Your Product Into The Enterprise Market, As Effectively and Efficiently As Possible.

United States (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2015

Technology BreakTHRU, Inc. is revolutionizing the way start-ups – start up! By introducing an entirely new way to take technology to market, Technology BreakTHRU (TBT) is reducing capital burn, go-to-market complexity, and the amount of time it takes to bring new technology to the enterprise. Enabling technology companies to execute efficiently and effectively is the primary goal. TBT accomplishes this by leveraging a global community of Expert Advisors, who are real-world users of technology, buyers, decision makers, and influencers. They embrace new technology, and have offered their time to enhance the buying experience. Expert Advisors are making technology companies smarter – as related to real-world customer needs. Leveraging Technology BreakTHRU gets your technology further, faster.

“Getting the message right is one of the hardest things for a new company or a new product,” said Richard Stiennon TBT Advisor and Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. “TBT creates a concise process to evaluate, feed back, and iterate these messages. First impressions and market execution are extremely important in this highly competitive market. TBT is the first company to focus on partnering with VC’s and technology companies, from first impression through channel and customer acquisition. I am not aware of any other service on the market, which provides validation in such a manner. I encourage all start-ups, and venture capital firms to explore a revolutionary approach to market execution.”

“$48 Billion invested in 2014 by Venture Capital firms, yet over 90% of all Start-Ups fail… Something is fundamentally flawed in the way technology companies and products are coming to market. There has to be a better way. I believe we can fix that.” Said Timothy Roy, Founder of Technology BreakTHRU, Inc. “It became clear to me after working for several technology start-ups, in various sales & leadership roles, that Capital Burn on sales-teams and various customer acquisition costs (sales tools, round-tables, appointment setting services) were completely unnecessary. Why jeopardize $1-$1.5M / year on sales-teams before knowing that your product, or service, is truly viable in the real-world?”

“Market Validation Services enable technology companies to maximize the effectiveness of their Go-To-Market strategy.” Roy continues. “The sooner a company validates, the sooner they can make the necessary pivots to ensure every dollar is spent most wisely, while greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to generate revenue. That is exactly what we do at Technology BreakTHRU. We leverage our expansive network of Expert Advisors (IT professionals who work for, and largely represent the Fortune 1,000), to validate at the most important inflection points. At the same time, our team provides step-by-step mentorship to keep our customers go-to-market execution on track.”

“Security practitioners are in a loosing battle and technology innovation is our only hope.” Said Jeremy Parkins, CISO & Director of IT/OT at UIL Holdings Corporation, and Strategic Advisor for Technology BreakTHRU. “We need to ensure these technologies mature as quickly as possible to help maintain our edge. Companies need to flourish based on their innovation, and not fail due to lack of business acumen. Technology BreakTHRU is the lifeline these companies need to be successful and deliver their much-needed technology quicker and more effectively.”

Technology BreakTHRU brings tremendous experience in go-to-market strategy, implementation, operations, sales, and purchasing to the customers they serve.

Services Offered

·       Pitch Validation Services

·       Demo Validation Services

·       Proof of Concept Validation Services

·       Price Validation Services

·       Sales-team Validation Services

·       Channel Kick-Starter Services

Services for Venture Capitalists

Technology BreakTHRU gives Venture Capitalists the knowledge and power they need to invest more wisely, while reducing exposure and reducing Time-to-Return. Protect your investment and ensure a successful exit, by leveraging BreakTHRU’s Validation Services. Validation via real-world data Ensures your portfolio companies on target and Keeps Time-To-Market on track!

Services for Innovators

Technology BreakTHRU gives Technologists the validation & information they need to succeed, from the Enterprise Market.
Providing knowledge via Validation Reports that highlight the most important data points related to your product Pitch, Demo, PoC, Price, Sales-Team, channel strategy, and more.

Services for Product Managers

Technology BreakTHRU gives Product Managers working in mature technology companies the validation and information they need to RE-INVENT brand, or service offering – without confusing the global sales-force, channel partners, or share-holders.  Technology BreakTHRU works with product managers to prove-out ideas, validate market acceptance, and define their go-to-market strategy. Partner with Technology BreakTHRU to reduce the amount of complexity and confusion, which all too often runs rampant through global IT organizations.

Expert Advisor Community 

Technology BreakTHRU’s community of Expert Advisors, information technology & information security professionals representing the Fortune 1000, are prepared to provide unbiased feedback and constructive criticism to emerging technologies related to product Pitch, Demonstration, Proof-of- Concept, and Pricing. Ensure maximum efficiency & effectiveness as you Go-To-Market. Ensure you create the right product, with the right features, represented by the right team, as you go-to-market – at the right time!

Technology BreakTHRU Market Validation Services = FOCUS 

Technology BreakTHRU connects emerging & mature technology companies with information technology buyers, end-users, decision makers, and investors; In an effort to create, refine, & perfect the go-to-market message, deployment methodology, price structure, and the route-to-market required to succeed in America’s enterprise market.

About Technology BreakTHRU

Technology BreakTHRU connects emerging & mature technology companies with information technology buyers, end-users, decision makers, and investors; In an effort to create, refine, & perfect the go-to-market message, deployment methodology, price structure, and the route-to-market required to succeed in America\’s enterprise market.

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