Techno-Thriller The Deception People calls USA’s NSA and DoD most toxic agencies in the world

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New techno-thriller, DECEPTION PEOPLE, lays it on the line, walking the rim between truth or conspiracy? You decide!

Gothenburg, Sweden (PRUnderground) September 5th, 2015

The new techno-thriller, THE DECEPTION PEOPLE, will undoubtedly walk a road of controversy and even rejection by some. The book may assault the reader’s sense of normality and the balance which keeps things comfortably in perspective. It isn’t always popular to stand up and say things which counter the general consensus or the accepted word of “authorities”.

The Deception People.jpgNonetheless Deception People is about political and corporate corruption in America and the secretive collusion between the private sector (military weapons manufacturers) and its employer, the US government; and an average man who can perform what is commonly called “Remote Viewing” or “out-of-body” and who by doing so discovers a shocking secret. Some believe that Remote Viewing (seeing things while outside the body) is just a parlor trick reserved for a few people, but that is only because the subject is relatively undocumented. According to one study – roughly one-in-five people walking the streets today have experienced out-of-body, so the phenomenon is far more widespread than generally acknowledged. Then again, science aside, some three billion people in our world, religious and spiritual followers, subscribe to the idea that they are spiritual, not merely corporeal, and that their essence transcends the body. These people are not likely to have issue with the idea that someone can engage in remote viewing. Put these two elements together and you have a story that walks the rim, the edge between mediocrity and acceptability, one that asks the reader to set aside (for the moment) all the “creditable” claims and official utterances about events such as 9/11, the wars engaged in the name of “democracy”, including “the war against terrorism”. In the 1930s and 40’s, famous authors of “Sci-Fi” at that time were predicting that man would travel the stars in rocket-powered ships, something which challenged the “think” and mediocrity of their time and was considered pure fiction. Today it is reality. George Orwell’s 1984, written over 6 decades ago, depicted a society where its population was mentally manipulated, keeping them in a slave-like mindset with fear and terror and using electronic means and state-controlled propaganda to do so. That was considered “conspiratorial” at the time, and yet, today, we have the NSA and other agencies in the world enveloping us with an electronic web, listening in on our phone calls, our video chats and our private emails – all in the name of “national security”. The military community in America, in collusion with its benefactors, major corporations which are pocketing BILLIONS of dollars to keep the war machine supplied – are constantly trying to convince us all that the “war against terrorism” and military aggrandizement and violence is justified and necessary in our world. So there you go – mediocrity be damned.

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