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Retired teacher extraordinaire and educator Marjan Glavac has just released a teacher gift book that aims at explaining in no uncertain terms why teachers love teaching.

USA, Canada (PRUnderground) December 16th, 2011

New book captures the best moments that motivate and inspire teachers

Retired teacher extraordinaire and educator Marjan Glavac has just released a teacher gift book that aims at explaining in no uncertain terms why teachers love teaching.

Creating the incredibly well done 80 page hard cover book Teaching Is… Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference, was a five year labor of love for Glavac. He captures and offers up the indelible magic moments that teachers experience day in and day out. It seeks to break through the walls of mis-understanding, misguided criticisms, concerns of high pay, teacher performance, accountability, and untold working hours.

Here is a book that lays bare the heart and souls of teachers in their own words, as they describe those defining moments that capture the essence of the reason why they choose and stay in this profession.

Teaching Is… is filled with short parables from his own experience. With words and pictures the book highlights the power of teachers to inspire, motivate, and make a difference.
There is a special reassurance that comes from experiencing the personal wisdom of an experienced educator who has walked the path.

He shows that what teachers give goes beyond the curriculum. He shares and celebrates what true education is all about.

You cannot help but feel refreshed and invigorated by the unbounded optimism and truthful insight.

Here is a very special, singularly unique, and beautiful way to learn, appreciate and understand the dedication of teachers and why they devote their lives to making a difference to the lives of the children they touch.

Teaching Is… Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference

List $9.95 Hardcover: 80 pages Publisher: Nima Systems
ISBN-10: 0968331025 ISBN-13: 978-0968331026

The book is available at bookstores online. For more information www.teachingis.com

About the Author:

Marjan Glavac is a firm believer that: “there are no boundaries for the journeys of the mind” and that every student, parent and teacher is capable of achieving great journeys.

He is the creator of the highly regarded online teacher’s resource www.thebusyeducator.com.

He is a best-selling Canadian author, speaker, and experienced educator with more than 29 years of classroom teaching experience. He is the winner of seven prestigious awards for his work including the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence, and the Roberta Bondar Award for Science and Technology.

Glavac’s book How to Make a Difference: Inspiring Students to Do Their Best is used by educators across Canada, the United States and around the world. His first book, The Busy Educator’s Guide to the World Wide Web is used by educators across Canada and the United States. Teaching Is… Moments that Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference, is Marjan Glavac’s fourth book.

What People Are Saying:

Why Marjan Glavac has earned so many awards for teaching is easy to see. He understands the challenges of teaching and more, the rewards. Teaching is all about the kids. To be sure, they are a challenge at times; they are also what make teaching worthwhile! Marjan has captured some very poignant moments in his career. How fortunate his students have been to have such a sensitive, insightful teacher. What he has captured in “Teaching is …” will surely prompt a flood of memories in other teachers. I hope they will submit their “moments” for future editions.

Amazon reviewer

Teaching is…
Thoughtful, philosophical, witty, poignant, honest, and most of all inspiring! With just a sentence of two on a page, it is perfect for a quick read which busy educators can sincerely appreciate. If you have ever taught, you will have a deep appreciation for the snippets that remind you of the reason you became a teacher to start with! In a profession that can be quite challenging, I (as a former teacher for many years) can envision teachers framing some of the pages of this book to make them smile, press forward on the not so great days, and to inspire them to be the best teachers they can possibly be. As a former administrator, I can see administrators purchasing this book for the entire staff as educators will find pages to which they can personally relate as well as pages that will inspire them to make a difference. They may even begin to put together their own memorable moments that they can share with their colleagues throughout the year as well. I highly recommend this book to all educators who want to reflect, smile, laugh, and feel a sense of pride that they are a part of one of the most important and interesting careers that exists!

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