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UK Hearing Care believes that every hearing consultation should be tailored to the individual to find the best possible hearing aid solution.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2013

Those who have hearing loss will understand that their individual case is different from everyone else’s and will know that the best hearing aid solution needs to be expertly chosen for each unique person. This is where a UK Hearing Care hearing assessment can help; they believe that every hearing consultation should be tailored to the individual.

A hearing assessment from UK Hearing Care is comprehensive and thorough, consisting of a minimum standard of tests to ensure that the qualified audiologist carrying out the assessment has a detailed understanding of the characteristics of each individual’s hearing loss. Once these tests have been carried out, the audiologists will then be able to prescribe a hearing aid that is best suited to both the essential needs and wishes of the client. From invisible hearing aids that are barely noticeable to more comfortable receiver-in-canal aids, there is room for personal choice as well as functionality with UK Hearing Care.

Best of all, UK Hearing Care are happy to offer these services from Health and Care Professions Council-registered audiologists for free, with no obligation to purchase a hearing aid from them afterwards. For a unique hearing assessment where the customer’s needs and wishes are put first, get in touch with UK Hearing Care today via their website or on 0808 115 1891.

About UK Hearing Care

UK Hearing Care have teamed up with AgeUK to form AgeUK Hearing Aids, providing a complete service that will make solving your hearing difficulties easier and more effective than ever before. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish – whether that’s in the comfort of your own home, or at a handy location close to you. We work with local community independent opticians, health and mobility centres and a number of NHS Primary Care Trusts throughout the country.

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