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Take advantage of affordable GSM London tuition fees

Industry: Higher Education

At GSM London, you can study on a first class business or finance course without having to break the bank.

London (PRUnderground) May 29th, 2013

The debate surrounding university tuition fees has been widely publicised over the last few years, with some people who were planning to go onto higher education now fearing that they will not be able to afford to do so because of recent price rises. The team at GSM London, however, are here to reassure you that you can still study on a first class business or finance course without having to break the bank.

We at GSM London are determined to achieve our goal of providing committed students with the expert tuition they need to become a success in their chosen professional field, and the fact that our prices start at just £6,000 per annum reflect this. This rate, which is £3,000 less than you would be required to pay to attend similar courses at some other universities, demonstrates how we have struck a balance between offering excellent content and one-to-one guidance and unbeatable value for money.

It is also important to remember that, if you are on a strict budget and are still wary of the expense of fees, you will not need to start paying back the loan which covers your tuition until you are earning a good annual wage of at least £21,000.

Like all the best universities in London and elsewhere, GSM London believes that no-one should be prevented from furthering their studies if they wish to. For more information on the different funding options open to you which can ensure this happens, visit our website or contact us now.

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GSM London is an independent School of Higher Education with two campuses in London. We specialise in study programmes leading to qualifications in business management, finance & accounting, law, travel & tourism, IT, HR, health services management and cognate areas, as well as awards of various professional bodies.

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