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Why not take advantage of your opportunity to get a free assessment from TLC Live today?

UK (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2013

In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate throughout all levels of school over whether youngsters are being given the right tools to prepare themselves for adult life and even for the important exams which they will have to complete towards the end of their education. If you are worried that your child or children are amongst those who are perhaps not always receiving the high level of tuition they are entitled to, you may wish to consider getting in contact with the maths, science or English tutor staff here at TLC Live.

Online tutoring has enjoyed significant gains in popularity and participation of late, as parents and guardians alike look to find new and reliable ways of ensuring the pupils in their care fulfil their potential. If you have only just heard about this highly effective, personal teaching method, which will allow your child to experience all the benefits of one-on-one tutelage from an experienced professional, and think signing up to some sessions may be a good idea, why not take advantage of your opportunity to get a free assessment from TLC Live today?

This results of this brief and simple assessment will provide you with tailored recommendations on how much and what level of teaching the pupil in question should ideally receive, with specific guidance on how help from a TLC Live English, science or GCSE maths tutor could make all the difference to your child’s level of academic attainment. Simply visit our website now for more information.

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TLC LIVE, the online tutoring service from TLC Education Group, offers individually targeted tutoring to help boost confidence, improve school grades and enhance exam results. We help students aged 6 to 16 with English, maths and science and cater to all abilities whether gifted and talented, struggling at school, or somewhere in between.

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