Tablet Adoption in Enterprises Scaling: Key Takeaways

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Enterprise adoption of tablets is expected to be higher than originally anticipated. VDC research captures the key takeaways from this market.

United States (PRUnderground) June 24th, 2011

Global Information Inc. would like to present a research service, “2011 Enterprise & Government Mobility Solutions Market Intelligence Service Market Opportunities and Forecasts in 2011-2015” by VDC Research Group.

Enterprises are not unfamiliar with the tablet. In fact, enterprise adoption is anticipated to be greater than previous expectations. A fair amount of tablets are already being taken up by highly verticalized, specialized work flows, such as in the hospitality industry, high-end retail settings and also by field sale workers. VDC examines how the tablet is fitting in to the enterprise in regards to enterprise and government mobility. In 2010, the introduction of the Apple iPad took the market by storm. An early key takeaway is the high degree of interest in this form factor exhibited by enterprise and government organizations. The greatest interest generated within the enterprise setting towards the tablet center on customer-facing, consumer-facing type applications.

“One thing to be said about the tablet market is you have these legacy tablet solutions that are supporting some very specific vertical workflows. Then you have this next, new generation of thinner, lighter tablets that have been introduced starting with the iPad and more recently with a fair amount of Android-based solutions,” explains David Krebs, practice director of the mobile wireless practice at VDC. However, Krebs adds that “today, in this space, it’s still very much an iPad story. Android has not yet been able to make its mark as far as a strong contender to the iPad. Again it’s still very early. It’s important to note that so far a lot this volume and opportunity has been very specifically aligned with the iPad.”

Another takeaway is that the tablet is not positioned, nor should it be confused, as a notebook or PC replacement; although the tablet market is expected to erode the notebook market. Some degree of PC cannibalization is expected to occur as well. VDC is seeing a shift in PC usage habits. While tablets may not be at the epicenter of this trend, it is very much involved. PCs have everything to do with content creation and content consumption. However, content consumption is now migrating towards platforms, such as the tablet and potentially the smartphone. “This trend is aligned with how the workforce is currently being organized; a significantly higher proportion being mobile,” says Krebs.

The 2011 forecast by VDC shows 50 million tablet units shipped – the majority, approximately 70%, being iPad-based devices. There will be some scaling of Android and moderate early uptake of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2014 is expected to be fairly health albeit early adoption penetration will still be relatively low. VDC expects the market to stay on the conservative side reaching 100 million units over the course of the next several years. Lingering big questions regarding various competing platforms makes it difficult to be very aggressive in terms of this outlook.

Key topics featured in the new VDC research service include mobile form factors, legacy enterprise tablet solutions currently being deployed and tablet growth forecasts and expectations by application in the enterprise.

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