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Summit Fit Dojo Members Level Up With FitRanX

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In late January, Summit Fit Dojo hosted their first FitRanX test for 2014 and had a successful turnout with clients leveling up to their new FitRanX level.

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) February 8th, 2014

Summit Fit Dojo is one of the leading small group personal training studios in Westminster, CO.  They have been in business since 2008 helping residents reach their fitness goals through exercise and nutritional coaching, but they have also adopted a new fitness program that has been taking the world by storm.

Owner and Head Fitness Coach, Javier Lozano Jr has decided to shift his fitness well known fitness program to the revolutionary fitness ranking system called FitRanX.  This new program allows his clients the opportunity to take their fitness to the next level… literally.

“When I came across the FitRanX system, I was astonished by the design of the ranking system for each level and how one could earn a black belt in fitness” says Coach Javier.  “For many years I’ve thought of trying to create a ranking system that would not only motivate and encourage our clients to push themselves, but also help them reach their fitness goals.  With FitRanX, it took all the planning out and allowed me to still use our training methodology.”

FitRanX takes an individual and puts them through a fitness test to determine their rank.  In the FitRanX system, there are 8 levels that all test strength by using a variety of fitness apparatuses and exercises, as well as a conditioning portion in the testing.  Each level gets increasing more challenging, but the best part is that it’s a standardized system.  So, if you’re a Level 5 in Westminster, CO then a person in Boston, MA that was a Level 5 too would have had to perform the same exercises to achieve that rank.

Clients at Summit Fit Dojo that pass a FitRanX test also receive a certificate of accomplishment and a colored RanX band that is coordinated with a fitness level.

This past weekend, on Friday, January 24th and Saturday, January 25th Coach Javier tested 5 clients and all five of his clients passed the FitRanX Level Test.

New to the Summit Fit Dojo FitRanX family, Tanya E., Hyrum T. and Megan H. all tested for Level 1 which is the RanX band color of White.

“The test for level 1 was fast, under 30 minutes, and though I felt great, I was spent at the end of the test!” says Hyrum.

One of our newest clients, Megan, took the test about 2 weeks into our FitRanX program and she passed with flying colors, says Coach Javier.  “I was really impressed!”

In addition, Jerry A. tested for FitRanX Level 2 and passed, while long time client, Aimee M. passed her FitRanX Level 4 test.  She is one of 4 clients at Summit Fit Dojo that is a Level 4, which is considered as a high level at their group personal training gym.

If you are ready to Level Up, then contact Summit Fit Dojo and ask about their FitRanX fitness program, as it’s the perfect fitness training solution for beginners and the inner athlete in all of us.

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