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Summit Fit Dojo Members Level Up With FitRanX In February 2014

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Summit Fit Dojo, Westminster's leading Small Group Personal Training studio, had their 2nd FitRanX testing for 2014.

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) March 7th, 2014

Summit Fit Dojo is the leading Small Group Personal Training studio in Westminster, CO that offers the revolutionary fitness program called FitRanX.

FitRanX takes a ranking system that is widely used in the martial arts and military, and twisted it to appeal the public, by creating eight fitness levels, with each level testing your strength and conditioning by requiring certain exercies to be performed for a certain amount of repetitions, duration in time, various weights and / or a combination of all.

This format of fitness training not only engages an individual, but helps one set short term goals, while also moving towards a long term goal.

When a fitness coach at Summit Fit Dojo sees progress from their clients, and they feel they are ready to “level up”, the coach will invite the client to take a FitRanx test for their next fitness level.  This format of testing encourages a client to always work hard during every Small Group Personal Training session, so that they can prove to themselves and their fitness coaches they are ready to “level up”.

On February 28th and March 1st, Summit Fit Dojo hosted their 2nd series of FitRanx testing, and the results were amazing.

Summit Fit Dojo had clients testing for FitRanX levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Each level has designated exercises that the client needs to perform in order to pass that portion of the test.  About 2-3 weeks before the FitRanX test, clients are given a copy of the test so they can practice at home, and practice at Summit Fit Dojo, in order to get more comfortable with the exercises and format.  Plus, many of the exercises are already performed during every Small Group Personal Training session.

First time FitRanX tester, Joy C. is no stranger to Summit Fit Dojo.  She found us through a daily deal, and decided to come back after not getting the same results and encouragement from another training center.  After talking with one of the Fitness Coaches, Joy was very intrigued by the program and wanted to Level Up.  And level up she did!  Joy destroyed the FitRanX Level 1 test, and is getting ready to train for level 2.

For FitRanX Level 2 Megan H. took the plunge after just taking the Level 1 test last month.  And, success seems to always follow her, as she did great throughout the entire portion of the FitRanX Level 2 testing.  Though, she may have been tired towards the end of the conditioning portion of the test, Megan pushed through and passed Level 2.
Also testing for FitRanX Level 2 was Tanya E., who just tested for Level 1 last month.  As mentioned before, her goal is to run in the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson in May, thus she’s been taking her training to the next level.  And, though she may have not felt 100% prepared to take Level 2, she gave it her all.  She had a few exercises that were too challenging for her to get through, but with her amazing attitude, killer instinct, and determination, the fitness coaches are sure she’ll get through it next time.

As for FitRanx Level 3, Summit Fit Dojo had 2 candidates take the test.  Long time client Marek B. and newcomer, Jerry A., though Jerry is no novice in the fitness industry.

Marek has been training at Summit Fit Dojo for just over 1 year, and has seen his performance grow leaps and bounds, and truly enjoys the FitRanX challenge.  He did his first Spartan Race in May 2013, and destroyed the course by finishing at 1:20 and only had to do burpees once.  Not bad for a first time racer!  This time, his new test was Level 3, and he pushed through just fine.  Though there were a couple of places Marek needed to dig deep, as always, he found it in him to get through it, and pass FitRanX Level 3.

Jerry A., who has been in the fitness industry for quite some time by training and completing a variety of Iron Man’s and Ultra Marathons took the test for Level 3.  However, true to his training / running schedule, he went for a 21 mile run the day before and tried to get through the test, but didn’t have enough gas in the tank when it came to the double kettlebell cleans.  And, as a humble athlete, he was gracious enough to say he will come back stronger for the next test, and even more prepared.  And, acknowledged the difficulty in the FitRanX testing format.

Summit Fit Dojo’s own fitness coach — Coach Krsytal also took the FitRanX test for Level 4.  And, though her asperations of becoming a YouTube star are getting close, Coach Krystal excels in helping her clients perform at their best.  After about 3 months between her last FitRanX test, Coach Krystal came in making Level 4 look easy.  She probably could have done the test twice, and passed both of them!

Next was the FitRanX Level 4 test for Jen A., the wife of Jerry.  And, a side note, their son Jalen A. also trains at The Dojo of Karate, so it was a huge testing weekend for the entire family!  Jen A. demonstrated the power of the mind and body working together when she took the FitRanx Level 4 test.  She has some challenges that does not allow her to run / bounce for a long duration, or her cav muscles swell up very quickly — making it extremely painful.  A portion of the test required her to jump rope for nearly 5 minutes, which is tough for her situation.  But, she didn’t let that stop her, Jen trained up to get through Level 4 and honestly made the test look easy!  Coach Javier almost resquested she drop down an age bracket to make it more challenging for her!!  So, obviously Jen passed her Level 4 test.

Finally, Pete G. took his Level 5 test, in attempt to join Coach Carol as the only Level 5 FitRanXer’s at Summit Fit Dojo.  Pete had been training hard for this test for the pass 3 to 4 months, as he understood the difficulty and challenges this test had.  After mentoring and coaching from Coach Javier, Coach Krystal, Coach Lexy, and Coach Carol — Pete took his training to the next level.  And, the results were pretty amazing.  He fought hard and did all of the strength and conditioning exercises with the necessary techniques to pass.  “I thought I was well conditioned because of our fitness sessions and kickboxing classes, but Level 5 really made me take it to the next level!  I wasn’t sure if I had anymore gas in the tank!”

Summit Fit Dojo would like to congratulate all of their clients for taking the FitRanX test and trying to “level up” by taking their fitness to the next level.

To learn more about Summit Fit Dojo’s Small Group Personal Training in Westminster, CO contact them via phone or email, and Coach Javier will be happy to get you started with their latest promotion — 21 days of fitness for $21.

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