Summer Foreign Language Courses Assist Teens with Language and Confidence

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A foreign language programme abroad is a great opportunity for teens to develop a sense of independence and learn a second language.

Switzerland (PRUnderground) March 2nd, 2011

The signs of adolescence are clear to most of us. We all went through it. The strong opinions. The annoyance with our parents. The insistence that we knew how the world works and didn’t need any help. For any parent this is a trying time because that little girl or boy no longer seems to want your help.

What the Royal College of Psychologists want parents to realise is that these changes are a normal part of growing up and moving away from a dependence on parents. Rather than resist your teen’s urges to be independent sometimes it is better to work with them, giving them the opportunity to make decisions about their life in a controlled and structured environment.

Allowing children to attend camps or take courses during the summer gives that child a chance to leave their parents’ home and to begin to feel as if they are making the day-to-day decisions. Foreign language study abroad, particularly around continental Europe, can be a great way to let your child go out in the world and thrive (although with the comforting time frame of a few weeks). View it as a trial run for what will happen when your child turns 18.

Programmes for French courses in France allow parents peace of mind, knowing that their child is away from home but in a structured programme. There are several programmes across Europe in places like Germany, France and Switzerland which teach languages at a variety of levels. Many offer additional courses and activities such as sports and cooking lessons, mixing extracurricular activities with language learning. Being able to learn French in France or German in Germany lets your teen make new friends and explore new places. It also continues to emphasise the importance of learning.

When looking at programmes, make sure to check that they are EAQUALS (European Association for Quality Language Service) certified. This is the only association of language schools that has a standardised inspection process. Consequently this certification helps maintain a standard of language education across the institutions it passes.

Summer will be here before you know and after that your child will rapidly become a full-fledged adult with responsibilities and a new home. Take this opportunity to allow your child to grow up and explore.

About ESL School- By deciding to learn French, German, Italian or English at one of their schools, you are embarking on a very enriching experience. Whether you study at their language schools in Switzerland or in France, or at one of the summer camps in stunning locations across Europe, you will discover a passion for teaching languages in immersion through the use of dynamic, modern methods and refreshing activities.


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