STC Selected to Advance Nation’s Immunization Systems under Two 10-Year Federal Funding Agreement

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$6.7 Million in Multi-Year Grants Awarded

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) September 26th, 2015

Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), a leading technology provider of immunization registry services, disease surveillance systems, and vaccine ordering and management tools, was awarded prime contractor status on two 10-year funding vehicles this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Under the Bulk Purchase Agreement, STC was awarded all three of the available Task Orders. Together these three Task Orders are valued at $6.7 million over approximately two years. With these funds, STC staff will: 1) Improve state assessments of healthcare provider immunization services, 2) strengthen state vaccine ordering technology, and 3) upgrade state vaccine ordering and distribution through the CDC centralized electronic vaccine tracking system.
The CDC plays a leading role in protecting the population from vaccine-preventable diseases. In keeping with its mission, the CDC has historically issued grants to individual states to strengthen specific parts of the nation’s state-based immunizing network. STC has a long tradition of partnering with state grantees with visionary immunization programs to build sharable public health technology solutions. This joint development model has helped keep immunization information systems interoperable, seamless and “agnostic” across many jurisdictions.
Joint IT development among multiple and diversely-funded states poses challenges. All participants often benefit equally even when grant allocations between states vary, although consensus across multiple funders under the pressure of a short grant cycle or budget year deadline can be difficult. Joint development through our consortium has helped our clients to better serve state residents while saving tax dollars.
This week’s CDC announcement stresses this same joint development like never before and adds the benefit of simplifying the process. STC can now partner with a pre-determined list of up to 16 states to craft a common and agnostic solution for each of the Task Order’s target issues. This forward-thinking approach from CDC stands to benefit far more states in a consolidated and streamlined manner.
“Clearly we are excited to have been asked to provide thought leadership and innovative technology solutions on the first set of task orders under this new contract,” said STC CEO Mike Popovich. “It is a testament to the success of our state immunization partners, our experienced staff, and the hard work it takes to advance and strengthen immunization information systems to empower the health care community with information when they needed it.”
“STC is honored to be selected by CDC to help advance and support their work of preventing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease,” said STC President Todd Watkins. “More than ever, health care leaders in all sectors are recognizing that these long-overlooked and state-managed immunization information systems are tested health data assets for tracking, prioritizing, and solving many of today’s health care challenges,” added Watkins.
“Over its 25-year immunization informatics history, STC has partnered with 40 states and several international ministries of health clients – helping to improve their health data to drive better outcomes,” said Karl Moeller, STC’s Vice President, Public Sector. “We recognize the importance of our work and we are passionate about public health. These two federal funding streams and the related Task Orders will aid us in our work of keeping more people safe and disease free,” Moeller concluded.
Under the CDC’s first 10-year contracting instrument, up to $1 billion is authorized to address immunization information technology infrastructure advancement. The work STC is beginning under the three Task Orders (and work under any future Task Orders) will fulfill priority activities under the CDC national Immunization Information Systems Strategic Plan.

The second contract, an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity vehicle, also has a 10-year life cycle, and up to $170 million could be made available to support various Task Orders. The goal of this funding is to discover and recommend solutions to immunization registry needs, evaluate performance, develop new measurement methods, and create economically sustainable approaches to effectively and efficiently advance immunizations. STC was one of 13 companies granted contractor status and is the only immunization registry provider in the group.

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About Scientific Technologies Corporation

STC is widely recognized as a leading public health informatics company in the U.S. We play a key role in protecting the public from diseases. Since 1988 we have leveraged our experience to develop solutions important to addressing and solving critical public health issues. Our staff is committed to improving public health through the applied use of population health data collected through modernized information systems. Our staff offers a unique blend of public health advisors and applied information system developers who come together to create cost effective public health technology solutions.

We greatly value our relationships with our clients — we host numerous public health improvement events every year, including information exchange summits, user meetings, advanced training, and user consortiums that result in the on-going development and enhancement of current products as well as the next generation of products. The events allow our clients to connect with STC subject matter experts and other state health departments to create a consortium that forms best practices and provides innovative solutions to complex problems. The experience of STC combined with the partnership of our clients provides a critical source of public health information, resulting in:

25,000,000 patients in STC immunization registries
250,000,000 records in STC immunization registries
17,000 providers utilizing STC immunization registries
77,000 users of STC immunization registries
736 electronic vendor links to STC immunization registries
93,000 HL7 messages sent per day through one of STC’s state registries.

STC’s goal is to continually show our clients the value of investing in public health information technology through high quality service, innovative software solutions, and population-based outcomes. We achieve this goal by delivering and installing quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner. While we take great pride in delivering quality services, we are driven by the fact that we play a key role in protecting children and adults from disease, ultimately creating healthier populations.

Advancing Population Health Outcomes through Information Technology:
Accurate timely information through registries and integrated medical record systems is key to impacting chronic, infectious, and vaccine-preventable disease. Meaningful Use facilitates health policy to increase the health information exchange of public health records from electronic health record systems in clinics and pharmacies. STC provides technology and electronic medical record exchanges to empower consumers, healthcare providers, pharmacists, public health professionals, and health plans with immunization information and decision support. We reinforce information captured through STC-developed state immunization information systems and STC-supported WIR registries with Immunization Intelligence™.

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