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Speaker Eddie Lemoine: Everything you need to know about Breaking the Pop Psychology Cycle

Industry: Lifestyle

International Speaker Eddie Lemoine shows how to avoid negative victimization and approach solutions to problems with strong emotional tools to achieve a positive outcome

Calgary, AB (PRUnderground) September 10th, 2014

The world of self-help these days is awash in pop psychology. Seemingly scientific terms are thrown out with few people actually understanding what they mean, and most people using them incorrectly. One such term is “directed thinking.” Speaker and entrepreneur Eddie LeMoine is helping people to break down this concept and actually use it to achieve their personal development goals.

“Directed thinking isn’t new-age spiritualism; it’s firmly grounded in neurochemistry, but it can still be easily understood,” explains LeMoine, who discusses how you can make your brain work more efficiently in his recent book, Bring About What You Think About.

“Our brain is releasing tens of thousands of chemicals every second that can affect how we feel. More importantly, what we’re thinking can affect what chemicals are released—it’s a feedback loop. When we think positively, our brains release the ‘good stuff’—endogenous opioids—when we think negatively, they release the opposite. The lesson to be learned from this marvel of brain chemistry? By retraining how we perceive situations and people, we can help can be used to help us achieve our personal goals.”

“I work to help people avoid negative victimization. Sometimes things do happen to us, but we still have to take responsibility for how we deal with problems and how we approach their solutions. By orienting our thinking towards a positive goal, we’re going to arm ourselves with the emotional tools to help get us there,” says Lemoine.

LeMoine is careful to point out, however, that this is a long-term endeavour—it takes work. Just like a crash diet will never produce long-lasting results, personal development is a life-long project, but the results are always worth the effort. Information regarding his popular seminars and Bring About What You Think About are available on his website at  and through Be That Books Publishing

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