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An attractive presentation will help a company stand out from the competition.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2010

This presentation can be achieved by using printing labels. They help to show customers important information about the product. It is a professional way to provide a quality guarantee.

South East Labels is based in London and has been supplying many clients in diverse sectors for over 20 years. Among their most important product lines are the cryogenic labels. These are produced using adhesives and materials that can adhere to surfaces at the cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen. These labels can be ordered plain or printed.

Bacteria can spread aggressively in a busy atmosphere. Not only could it destroy your materials in the long term, but it could also create a very unhealthy space. For the sick, the elderly and young children, the consequences can be fatal if this toxin is left unattended. Health reasons aside, a constant build-up can cause heavy expenses being incurred in clearing up the damage and buying new items. The innovative anti-microbial material is considered one of the best hygienic products in the marketplace and comes highly recommended. This special material enables the production of labels that actively inhibit the growth of bacteria, which results in a lower risk of contamination. For hospitals and premises used by children, this is considered indispensable. Anti-microbial satin gloss, permanent adhesive, and anti-microbial vellum options are currently available.

Those who want to produce their own labels will require a label printer. There is also equipment available to assist in the production of labels. This range includes advanced label-printing technology from market-leading manufacturers. The range includes a comprehensive selection of thermal and thermal-transfer label printers, and Primera products. The entire collection is fully supported with an optional onsite breakdown cover, which has a targeted response time of 8 hours.

About South East Labels:

For over 20 years, South East Labels has been firmly established, producing supplies of labels, barcode products, digital printers, ribbons, label printers, security and asset-tracking labels, scanners, verifiers and more to a wide variety of industries. The fast turnaround time and their ability to meet customer demands help them keep their place in this quick-moving industry.


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