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Solar Powered Electric Commuter Vehicle “Ecotrike” with Zero Emissions is operational, Sunzeecar LLC

Industry: Eco-friendly Alternatives

It Averages 8.5 kWhr /100 miles equivalent to 400 MPGe. Maximum speed is 50 mph. It has regenerative braking. It has a 40 to 50 mile range depending on speed and terrain.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2014

This practical concept vehicle has been driven as a street-legal three-wheeler on the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Dr . Andy Schoenberg, inventor and developer of the vehicle, is available for questions and demonstration. 

(contact:  801 859 3821  or )   The website has a 2 minute video demonstrating the main features of a similar vehicle.  Contact address:  3690 E. Millcreek Rd.  Salt Lake City, Utah,  84109  USA

This latest version of Ecotrike incorporates regenerative braking. This improvement was developed in collaboration with a student design team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Utah.

The cost of a commercialized (mass produced) version of the vehicle is targeted at under $8000.  This small 400 pound vehicle uses only 1/3 of a parking space. It can be tilted on its rear for easy access to wheels and brakes.

It is envisioned that a modest home solar system will be sufficient to keep the vehicle’s 5 kilowatt-hour Lithium batteries charged. This eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels for everyday travel such as for work, recreation and shopping. Solar energy feeding of the efficient 8 horses stuffed into the electric hub motors of this vehicle is leading to a healthier and sustainable future.

About Sunzeecar LLC

Sunzeecar LLC was incorporated in 2004 to promote and market solar powered vehicles which will reduce air pollution and burning of fossil fuels. The latest prototypes of \”Ecotrikes\” have been tested on the roads of Salt Lake City and have demonstrated effective \”zero emission\” travel. The company is looking for a manufacturer of a \”commercial\” version of Ecotrikes.

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Andrew Schoenberg, PhD Manager Sunzeecar LLC
801 859 3821

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