Social Media

Making the social media jump can be long, expensive and frustrating. We can help your organization make that leap into the social media revolution. Our social media marketing services offer everything from profile building to powerful social media press releases, PRunderground will walk you through the entire social media marketing strategy. Let us handle it for you and we will make sure you get the word out!

Profile Building: We have identified about 25 different business social media profile sites that allow for anchor text links — and 15 that allow for business profiles.

Preliminary Blog Research: Will find and research blogs that are read by the target audience. We will create an Excel sheet listing the URLs and PR of these blogs. This will become the foundation for where we will comment on blogs.

Blog Commenting: Will READ the post and add to the conversation in the comments section. Commenting is one of the fastest ways to either win over or become rejected by an audience. We will put thought into the comment, always protecting the reputation of the company.

Blog Posts: We recommend blogging and can create updated blog posts that include links to the Hubpage and Squidoo pages as well as other blogs and pages that we create. Includes posting & an image.

Articles & Press Releases: We recommend creating and distributing multiple articles and press releases per month. These each provide an opportunity for 2-3 links.

Hub Page: Create and write a flagship Hub. Hubpages is an authority site that tends to rank well in the search engines for target keywords. Our goal is to include multiple links in here that point to the various existing blogs and other pages. We will also socialize on HubPages to increase rankings – this is important for increasing the hub score, which increases the visibility on the SEs.

A Flagship Hub consists of:

  • 1500 words of valuable content
  • 3 non-competing videos
  • 5 images
  • At least 5 outbound anchor text links (no more than 2 to the same domain)

Squidoo: We will create a profile and lens with a focus on including additional links and increasing keyword density. We will also socialize on Squidoo in an effort to increase visibility and rankings for your page.

Slideshow: We recommend creating a slideshow based on the information written in the flagship Hub. This will also contain various links and these have an excellent success rate for achieving high rankings.

Landing Pages: We will create a customized landing page that will convert sales.

Pay Per Click Marketing: We will implement and manage your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Social Media Press Releases: Write a powerful social media press release and get the word out. With our social media release on steroids, it’s like having an all in one social media hub.

To get started, contact Alex at 1-845-259-9396 or email me at