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Social Media Used for Online Adoption

Industry: Legal Services

Without a reliable way to adopt online or otherwise, hopeful parents may find themselves in a less than desirable situation.

USA (PRUnderground) December 12th, 2012

We often think of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms when it comes time to let people know we are expecting a baby—in fact, new parents in many instances post little else on their social media profiles but photos of their newborns. But a new trend has all kinds of analysts, sociologists, and indeed, hopefully adoptive parents all abuzz.

According to a recent article on, couples looking to adopt online are doing everything from creating YouTube videos and setting up Facebook pages about what great mommies and daddies they will be to any biological mother out there looking to give their child up for adoption. But should online adoption be quite this simple?

On one hand, this new trend in online adoption has cut out the middle man, but in the end, an adoption agency will almost certainly become involved to protect the health and welfare of the baby as well as the rights of any biological parent who may seem aloof or “out of the picture” so to speak.

AZCentral reports, “Social media sites confirm more people than ever are posting their plight to adopt online, hoping to stand out in a competitive selection process. There are Facebook posts linking to websites with heartfelt pictures, heartbreaking stories of infertility, carefully worded write ups about how they’ll parent and if the birth mother can be involved.  ‘The terms “adoption” and “baby” have been mentioned on the social media site more than 550,000 times in the past year,’ Twitter told 3TV.”

But a current news story offers reason for concern. reported last month that biological father and military drill instructor Terry Achane was not notified of his estranged wife’s choice to give his biological child up for adoption—Achane recently won the judge’s favor and the couple that adopted his child without his knowledge have less than three months to hand the toddler over to Achane. Regardless of whose side anyone takes, this story illustrates that adoption online or otherwise is not something to go into cavalierly, and certainly something to be researched thoroughly.

A grief counselor specializing in child loss, Marsha Ringletter weighs in: “So often I see adoptive parents so eager to get a baby that they just aren’t paying attention to the importance of the channels through which the child is coming. This is just as dangerous as not knowing anything about a child’s genetic history (…) What I’m getting at is if people want the adoption to last a lifetime, they need to be willing to swallow the fact that it’s going to take longer to do the right way.”

Online adoption is a great option when parents partner with the right adoption agencies and legal firms that have provable track records of success with a whole range of adoption options. Without a reliable way to adopt online or otherwise, hopeful parents may find themselves in a less than desirable situation.

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