Smithers of Stamford's quirky retro furniture

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Quirky retro furniture from Smithers of Stamford. Constructed hand made unique styles made from reclaimed wood and recycled materials

London UK (PRUnderground) November 21st, 2014

Smithers of Stamford is one the companies that manages to successfully combine style with consideration for the environment. Their secret is that they use reclaimed wood to create their designer masterpieces.

Their last collection is no exception – 50% of the products, featured in their Vintage collection, are made from reclaimed wood. The furniture is designed in a nostalgic 1930s-1950s vintage style, with special attention dedicated to the small details. Their designs are innovative, creative and quirky and would most definitely make your home look unique. Most of their stock is entirely created by recycled vintage materials. Even more, some of the products are masterfully crafted, made by hand and based on reproduction antiques. This contributes to the authentic vintage looks of the products and make their furniture a gorgeous addition to your home.

Their Vintage collection features everything you need: from chairs to coffee tables, dining tables, king beds and leather armchairs. If you’re looking for a more solid, yet extremely fashionable pieces, check their Chesterfield items. They are currently all on sale, which should make them even more desirable for people, trying to create an authentic vintage style that would make them homes stand out.

Their vintage distressed Chesterfield sofa is a sturdy, yet delightfully well-designed and will fit perfectly into any living room. They also offer smaller version with 2 seats which could easily be combined with the Chesterfield leather armchair. If you’re looking to finish the look, check out the their coffee table suggestions – made from top quality leather as well, they come together with a gorgeous footstool as well.

What makes Smithers of Stamford’s  so appealing to the eye is that they’re top quality and most of them are hand crafted. The designers put all of their effort and passion into creating unique pieces that bear the authentic spirit of the 1930s up to 1950s. Their furniture is the perfect addition for all vintage-lovers that want to create a special atmosphere and make their homes stand out.

If you’re looking to get that 1930s spirit back to your home, now it’s the perfect time!

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