SMB.GURU: The Ultimate Small Enterprise Software Ranking 2015 released (poll results included)

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We asked SME owners what factors contribute to a software being powerful and ranked the popular software based on the poll’s findings.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) January 19th, 2016

As many small business owners know, software tools are vital to a successful launch. The dilemma is how to gauge their effect on operations. We asked SME owners what factors contribute to a software being powerful and ranked the popular software based on the poll’s findings. We analyzed 37 most popular tools to discover which of them were useful in making small enterprises successful around the globe.

We ranked software based on the number of integration options* and various other factors. The ability to obtain software is a key point as regards the software value, so we factored in Pricing of subscription, the payment plan** and the number of hours the business owner*** or the marketing specialist must work to obtain the software. All factors were weighted and scored to produce the Ultimate SMB software ranking.

What makes a software powerful?

In a poll we asked the small enterprise owners what factors contribute to a software being powerful.

70% said its ability to integrate with software they already use

30% said the cost of software

The ultimate SMB software ranking

Email marketing

Mailchimp (ranked 1st)

Integrates with 38 out of 46 third party software analysed while the category’s arithmetic mean is 19/46. So, Mailchimp has twice exceeded the Category’s Mean.

Sales management tools

Pipedrive (ranked 5th) is compatible with 27 different applications at the monthly cost of less than a half of hour of the median hourly wage of a marketing specialist — Best value for Money.

Forms and Surveys Tools

FormStack (ranked 2nd) has the Integration Score that’s 273% greater the Category mean (30 vs. 11).  

HelpDesk software

Instead of charging per user like most help desk software, SupportBee (ranked 13) charges by ticket volume. This makes it ideal for low volume help desks with multiple part time operators.

Lead Management Tools

FlipTop’s (ranked 24th) machine-learning algorithm (‘Darwin’) uses data from your existing CRM to develop a model specific to your business and customer profile, helping you increase the number of sales you get from market-qualified leads.

Hours worked at median hourly wage to obtain monthly subscription to software

86 hours — FlipTop vs ⅓ hour — Apptivo

Software with hassle free integration

38 — Mailchimp vs 2 — Viddler

Cost of software

$2500 / mo — Fliptop and Qualtrics vs $10 — Apptivo

If you could pick an extra software in addition to that you purchased, what would you select?

In the poll we asked what software was most wanted as an additional one.

Freshdesk –27%

GetResponse — 19%

LeadSquared — 13%

FormStack — 11%


* Number of 3rd party software integration options was based on the data taken from the software vendor websites effective as of September 2014.

** We used Basic features plan and Monthly (no discount) subscription plan; ‘monthly’ and ‘per user’ payment plans were used interchangeably. Data validity — see above.

*** Number of hours worked to obtain software was calculated by dividing the Cost of monthly subscription by a Median hourly wage of Marketing Specialists according to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2014.


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