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Smartphone Charging System Helps you Unwind – Power Pillow on Kickstarter

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Think you can’t relax when your phone tells you have 10% left? Think again. The folks at Power Pillow have solved the problem.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (PRUnderground) December 27th, 2013

Tech newcomer Power Pillow has officially launched its funding campaign on Kickstarter.com for the Power Pillow Charging System. The brain child of award winning designer, Lisa Sutt and former military logistics officer Geoff Martin, the team is intent on giving smart phone and tablet users maximum satisfaction from their device.

Power Pillow lets you relax and charge your USB smart devices without having to get up from the couch. The sleek 12000mAh lithium polymer battery inside the Power Pillow is right where you need it, relax, plug in.

“…there are few if any convenient solutions to a depleted battery in a phone or tablet, and that is not an overstatement”, said Martin. “Enjoyment. Isn’t that what technology is meant for? Of course, and that’s what Power Pillow is all about, making technology enjoyable…one full battery at a time”, laughs Martin.

While Martin emphasizes the freedom the Power Pillow now brings to consumers who would have previously hunted for a power outlet, his Co-founder and Power Pillow design guru, Lisa Sutt, focuses on visual appeal. “Power Pillow is a brilliant product. It’s time has come. It’s been incredibly rewarding to use my background in art direction and product design to create something so needed. The feedback we’ve had is very gratifying. People get it. It’s a solution for a problem everyone has. I look forward to rolling out more designs as the brand grows.”

Sutt spent weeks designing and perfecting various iterations of the Power Pillows’ internal battery pocket. The new design features a battery and accessory pocket lined with EX-StaticTM fabric which provides EMF dampening among other cool features. “In addition to offering the Power Pillow in seven designs to fit any style, I designed it with a large accessory pocket, so consumers can get added functionality from battery packs they already own. They can also store their cables in the pillow. It eliminates clutter.”

The team completed testing of the prototype and it performed flawlessly. It’s dual 12000 mAh battery packs provided the ultimate in convenient and comfortable power. “Those who’ve tried the Power Pillow are really delighted that they can finally unwind while using their device, instead of focusing so much attention on whether they have any power left”, says Sutt. “One woman remarked, ‘I’m always running out of power when I’m on a phone call, this is perfect, what a simple solution’.”

Power Pillow is great for dorms, couches, offices and anywhere else you need convenient power. The unprecedented two battery system is available through Kickstarter until February 6th, 2014. Pricing starts at $40 including shipping to the USA and Canada. Price for the Power Pillow Charging System starts at $125 including shipping as well. To order this cool product or just to see it in action, visit the Power Pillow Kickstarter page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1643358796/power-pillow-the-phone-and-tablet-charging-system/widget/video.html

About Power Pillow

Co-founded by Lisa Sutt and Geoff Martin, Power Pillow is the maker of the Power Pillow charging system. Deeply passionate about making technology live up to it\’s promise of improving our lives, Power Pillow manufactures and sources the best material in the United States, Canada and China. To share in the \”Charging it. Awww yeah.\” experience please visit us at www.power-pillow.com

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