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Smart-Grid Solar Start-Up Could Boost New Mexico Construction Industry says Construction Reporter

Industry: Commerical Building

Veeyah, a New Mexico-based startup firm is set to fuel local solar economy by raising demand through delivery of micro-credits to consumers via apps and physical device.

New Mexico (PRUnderground) April 22nd, 2015

Veeyah’s team has created the CloudSolar™ software platform which delivers micro-solar credits referred to as SunJoules to consumers through a phone app, and physical device–the SunPort™.  The project, which is quickly gaining momentum, could fuel New Mexico’s construction industry. 

CloudSolar™ delivers funds to FTC certified solar energy companies, with a percentage going to their nonprofit partner, Rechoice, which will build PV panels on nonprofits, thus building new solar energy infrastructure as well as fueling existing solar providers.

The firm’s startup Stay.Solar, provides the platform to boutique hotels so that clientele can offset all of their energy usage with solar.  The Stay.Solar initiative was launched at Hotel Santa Fe, which can now assure customers all their energy is “fueled by the Sun.”

Veeyah is attracting national attention, as it is in the runnings to be featured on ABC’s popular “Shark Tank” show, and just won the coveted SXSW Fallon Advertising award, meaning that the famous news agency will design their crowdfunding campaign for them.

Veeyah’s founder and owner, Paul Droege, who has 30 years experience in New Mexico’s construction industry, believes that if his startup takes off it could be an enormous boon to New Mexico’s economy, especially ithe construction industry.  Learn more about this and construction jobs in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and southern Texas here. 

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