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Thanks to Cruise Miles, there is now even more reason to head to the sea for your next holiday.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 16th, 2012

Whether it’s crossing oceans to visit some of the most beautiful sun-kissed locations in the world or perhaps going down stream to discover some of the finest cities, cruise trips have quickly developed into one of the finest holiday choices around.

Thanks to Cruise Miles, there is now even more reason to head to the sea for your next holiday, it could even pay you to do so. A unique and lucrative members-only loyalty scheme, you can earn one mile for every £1 you spend while booking your holiday. These miles can equate to all manner of aspects in helping to make your next cruise holiday special, whether it’s booking some parking in a secure car park at your home port, perhaps an upgrade to a larger cabin while on board or even a cruise holiday itself; it all depends on how many Miles you have obtained.

With absolutely no limit on the amount of Cruise Miles you can earn, it could not only make your future cruise holidays more luxurious but also cheaper; leaving you extra money to spend on further enjoying your trip! If you are thinking about choosing a cruise holiday for your next holiday, be sure to sign up with Cruise Miles today so you don’t miss out on the benefits.

About Cruise Miles

Cruise Miles is the exclusive members only loyalty scheme, it’s free to join and you earn miles every time you make a booking.

You are able to use your Cruise Miles on every element of your Cruise holiday, so indulge yourself with those finishing touches such as an overnight pre-cruise hotel, car parking, a cabin upgrade or even accumulate enough miles to go on a free cruise!

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