SHEEX® Bed Sheets – Johnny Olguin, Athletic Director of Strength & Conditioning at Fresno State

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We talk SHEEX® Bed Sheets with Coach O. - Direct from Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2014

We recently sat down with Johnny Olguin, Athletic Director of Strength & Conditioning at Fresno State. Our objective was to grab pertinent information concerning college level sports, athletes and recovery and we also ask him his professional opinion of SHEEX® performance fabric bedding.

Did he like product or is it just a gimmick? Does the product really work as advertised? Does SHEEX® bedding have a place in college level sports?

He sits down with us in Las Vegas NV and tells us what he really thinks of the product, in particular the SHEEX® performance fabric bed sheets which are designed to keep you sleeping cooler and create the best sleep environment possible through breathable, moisture wicking fabrics.

His players call him Coach O. and he gives us specifics when it comes to proper rest and recovery. Make sure to read what his daily schedule looks like and see if yours compares.

In the tough world of college level sports, players and coaches are always on the hunt for obtaining that slight edge over the competition. Coach O. breaks it down and gives us the details. 

Here is a brief excerpt from his interesting interview:

Q: Coach O., rumor has it that you were starting running back as well as a varsity wrestler as an 8th grader. Can you confirm this?

A: (laughing out loud) That is true, I was starting running back for the high school as a junior high student and I did wrestle varsity as an 8th grader as well.

Q: Obviously you had athletic talent at an early age which explains one of the reasons for your coaching success today. You hold both a teaching and a sports specific degree correct?

A: Actually I have a BA in Exercise Science, BA MA in Sports Administration, A Professional Teaching Licensure ED and I am member of the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (SCC).

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