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Shark Tank: With more than $20 million in annual sales, why Hales Global Group client agrees to show

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For years, former Hughes Aircraft company executive with the guidance of Hales Global Group shunned publicity and outside investment. Now the story is on video.

Washington, DC (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2015

Few people know about the many great management consulting opportunities contracts that are available with the federal government. Those who know are not telling others. Hales Global Group website has details.

For the past four years the federal government consulting management contracting has been the hotspot for professionals management services.

In the private sector, management consulting services are experiencing healthy growth. With highly skilled consultants available to help organizations usher in shifts in technology, organizational structure and business operations best practices, many organizations are viewing managment consulting as a way to achieve lofty goals without growing headcount.

In the public sector, Hales Global Group data highlighted nearly 20% growth in projects counts from 2012 and 2013 in management consulting services government contracts. The management consulting sector continues to be a growth area for our clients, specifically for those pursuing GSA Schedules. We have always had a large percentage of our customer base in managment consulting services sector and, while it is one of the toughest schedules to obtain, the GSA (MOBIS) Schedule has one of the highest grossing revenues compared to other GSA Schedules and we foresee a continued upward trend in this Schedule and its revenues going forward.

Management consulting firms should be marketing their services to federal decision makers. There are three areas where the growth is the greatest and the management consultants should focus on short term staffing, continuously learning & succession planning programs and operational strategy.

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