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Our ability to market effectively has always been limited to the means of communication that we've had at our disposal. Only in recent times has technology allowed us to communicate the same way with someone sitting across the table or someone across the world. At BlankMinds Creative Studio, we help our clients effectively utilize the power of online video and social media to advance their brand.

Toronto, Ontario Canada (PRUnderground) October 28th, 2010

BlankMinds Creative Studio has joined the creative hub of Toronto as a up and coming studio whose mission is to simplify communications in a world that’s over-communicated. The firm, based out of Toronto, ON is a boutique visual communications studio with specific expertise in branding and communications in the form of print, web and video production.

“The main issue businesses are facing in today’s market is not how to reach your target audience but how to create a following for your brand, how to maintain that loyalty, and which new technologies to implement for maximum penetration for all audiences whether it be employees, customers or shareholders”, said Adeel Zubair, Creative Director at BlankMinds. “In today’s day and age with the advent of the internet and social media, our ability to share a message with someone sitting across the table or someone sitting across the world is the same. Yet, companies struggle with delivering their core message. This is due in part of the absence of one of the components of effective communications: Value, Credibility, Uniqueness, Relevance and an open dialogue between consumer and brand.

At BlankMinds Creative Studio, we believe in creating simple, targeted and relevant messages that are both powerful and create response. We begin by understanding your brand until it becomes second nature to us. This helps us to create a strategic road-map detailing the goals, objectives, and the vehicles through which to deliver them. In other words, we become an extension of our client’s marketing team, augmenting their strengths with ours.

We understand that effective brand messaging demands a hybrid approach. More and more businesses are starting to realize the importance of having a social media presence or online video communications and product demonstrations. We help educate our clients in this cross-media marketing that is continuously evolving. The result is better brand positioning, increased brand value and consumer loyalty.”

“We love what we do. We’re storytellers at heart”, added Spencer Gray, Director/DOP at Blankminds. “People respond emotionally before they respond rationally. Thats how we’re made. And it’s why effective communication will always rely on one’s ability to share openly and maintain that channel.”

Complemented by their 14+ years of experience in corporate marketing, BlankMinds Creative Studios’ highly specialized creative team of storytellers, designers, and technical artists can steer you in the right direction.

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About BlankMinds Creative Studio:

BlankMinds Creative Studio, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario is a visual communications studio specializing in corporate communications in the form of print, web and video production. The studio has consistently yielded success for their clients through innovative cross-marketing strategies, and maximizing the return of available resources.


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