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SEN Technologies Introduces Custom Freedom Cloud

Industry: Business

The Custom Freedom Cloud brings a higher level of personalization than any other cloud hosting provider on the market.

Boise, ID. (PRUnderground) April 28th, 2014

SEN Technologies today announced the latest addition to their already popular Freedom Cloud. The Custom Freedom Cloud brings a higher personalized product to the end user, the solution is built specifically for the client to ensure their data and applications are accessible and work at maximum performance.

“Businesses want their data to be accessible and their applications to run at peak performance,” said Rich Hersey, Director of Sales for SEN Technologies. “Our unique combination of high performance infrastructure and Fortune 50 Engineers is what allows us to put the personalized touch on the Custom Freedom Cloud for our clients. We focus on our job so our clients can focus on theirs.”

The foundation of the Custom Freedom Cloud is education. SEN Technologies engineers learn about each clients data and applications and build a solution that is unique to each clients needs. Once a solution is in place,  peak performance becomes the focus and the personalization continues with 24/7 support from level 4 and 5 engineers.

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Technology is supposed to be awesome. At a minimum it is supposed to be a tool to make your business perform better. When done correctly, technology can even be a competitive advantage. When your technology is not awesome, you need us. SEN Technologies is a team of Fortune 50 engineers, IT innovators and all-around good guys that know exactly what you need to make your technology awesome. There is no technology situation we haven’t seen and we provide a variety of tools and services, like hosted virtual desktops, that are explained to you in common-sense language and backed with a client experience that will leave you wondering why you took so long to find us.

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