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SEM Specialist “Chad Lieberman” Talks About Renew Solar Battery Charger Design Concept

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New York Chad Ian Lieberman Explores The Potential of Solar Battery Evolution in 2016

New York, New York City (PRUnderground) November 25th, 2015

Chad Lieberman is an Internet Marketing guru, but he is also known for talking about matters of public interest and his passions. He recently held a talk about the Renew Solar Battery Charger design concept.

Renew Solar Battery Charger is, as the name implies, a battery charger that uses energy from the sun. The charger is charges rechargeable AA battery.

According to Chad Lieberman, “The thing that makes the design so approachable is the careful approach to aesthetic that is industrial and sterile that is today rampant throughout the industry, another good example being Energizer’s rigs.”

The design of the Renew Solar Battery Charger features sweeping, curved edges covered in a light felt. The solar panel is integrated and it serves as a stand or it mounts to a clear surface.

Chad Lieberman stated that, “The details at all levels, including the battery entry point, are shaped in such a way that there is proper orientation of the AA battery.” This feature makes the battery user-friendly.

Another feature of the battery charger is a decorative frame that hangs out on a window through a suction cup and that will go well with every décor. Chad stated that, “This is just a concept, but its popularity should encourage the designer and the manufacturer to go into mass production.” The charger works by sliding the batteries down the frame’s back, into the charging pouch. Once the battery is charged, it is removed from the bottom.

So, why would people be interested in solar battery chargers? Solar energy is free of charge, meaning you will only incur the purchase cost. Solar technology is quite and easy to use. The energy is completely ‘green’, meaning it does not give off any waste. This makes solar chargers the best solution for those who care about the environment and who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Since solar panels generate DC electricity, which is exactly what batteries need, they maximize battery life. Solar panels saturate batteries with electrons in a slow but steady manner, further maximizing battery life by preventing repetitive deep discharges. Solar battery chargers are also safe, reliable, and low maintenance and are ideal for emergency use and for use where there is no reliable electricity supply. Using rechargeable batteries saves money and protects the environment.

About Chad Ian Lieberman – New York – 6W

Chad Ian Lieberman is one of the best Internet Marketers in the United States at 6W.  Presently, Chad Ian oversees all business development, project management and customer service, including running the day-to-day operations of 6W New York City.

Chad has been experimenting, researching and implementing digital marketing strategies since 1999.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Arizona and immediately began his professional digital marketing career.

After successfully developing a strategy division with a startup hosting and graphic design company, Chad Lieberman began pursuing the concept for the 6W Firm.  His unique vision takes aspects of digital marketing, social, search and reputation, and integrates each equally into strategic monthly milestones.

Lieberman has a passion for teaching and presenting his expert knowledge of the digital marketing industry with other professionals and has presented for numerous corporate organizations, associations and workforces across United States of America.

6W “Chad Ian Lieberman” currently resides in New York City, and enjoys playing golf, chess, swimming, fishing, networking and reading. His passion for entrepreneurship has led to a number of promising side projects and partnerships. Learn more at http://www.6wim.com

About 6W IM LLC

Chad Ian Lieber is an International SEO Consultant in the trust sense of the word. Lieber has 11 years of experience carrying out SEO for American, European, and Latin-American companies. In addition to his consultant agency, he is a co-founder of VentureIM.

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