Selz makes selling digital downloads easy for indie creators

Industry: Ecommerce is emerging as one of the key PayPal alternatives for selling digital downloads for indie film makers, indie games developers or bloggers selling direct to fans

Australia (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2013

Selz is not another marketplace but an ideal tool for indie film makers, indie games developers and bloggers who want to be able to sell online direct to fans easily from a blog, website or social network without any hassles.

The company already has thousands of sellers across the US, Australia and UK. Indie creators can sell digital downloads or physical products without the need for any complicated programming. was formed with the goal of making a PayPal alternative for selling digital downloads easily via blogs and social networks. The company’s service allows users to sell digital downloads and physical products with just a few clicks.

Selz keeps to simple principle with no monthly fee, no merchant accounts, no contracts and only a simple flat fee per sale.

Selz has recently launched two major features that will help indie creators to maximise their direct sales. The first is Selz’s new “in page” buy button is aimed at creators who want customers to purchase without leaving their site. This means creators can sell without having to sending visitors away to an external site resulting in less distracted customers and buyer confusion.

The other feature launched by Selz this week is a new preview feature allowing indie film makers, animators and indie game developers to show a preview of their work to potential buyers before they purchase.

The preview feature that has just been released is simple to use and works much like everything else on Selz. Content creators upload their video or audio files, add a description, and set a price. Sellers choose from using a buy button, an embedded widget, or a link on their site. Alternatively, Selz has the option of selling online via its integrated sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Selz is seriously simple selling. Selz helps people do what they love by making it easy for bloggers, indie musicians, film makers, and indie developers to sell online what they make and get paid. Thousands of creators and entrepreneurs rely on Selz to help them make money from doing what they love. Start selling online in minutes from your blog, website or social networks.No programming. No contracts. No hassles.

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