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Selling to China: A silver lining in China’s trade deficit? From ExportToChina.com

Industry: Internet Marketing

With markets shaken by the recent news of a China trade deficit, others see opportunity. Selling to buyers in China gains momentum.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) March 13th, 2014

China’s recent trade figures – and notable trade deficit – have many warning of a monumental slowdown in the world’s second largest economy.  Meanwhile, some companies are seeing opportunity in these changing tides of trade.  With the country’s shifting emphasis on consumption and raising the standard of living for its 1.4 billion people, many exporting companies are eager to reach this fast growing class of consumers.

According to Nick Muessig, President of ExportToChina.com, “With China’s 2014 economic growth set at 7.5% and over US$2 trillion in imports, the China market provides small, medium and large enterprises an historic revenue opportunity.  Thousands of companies around the world have already benefited from this growth – but the market is so huge.  From our business perspective, we are only in the beginning of very long growth trend in China imports and the importance of  buyers in China.”

WIth the Chinese consumer as an emerging driver of global growth, companies from around the world are taking notice. Surprisingly, the greatest growth in China is pointing towards small & medium, emerging brands from developed markets – a reversal of the dominancec by multinational & established luxury brands during the past decade.  According to Muessig, “We are seeing a large uptick in Chinese interest in lesser known brands on our platform – and this trend is bound to continue”.

The opening of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone – and other Free Trade Zones in China indicate the China government is serious in its consumption and import push.  This is good news for companies looking to increase sales in the world’s fastest growing economy.

As this is an emerging market – it can be difficult to discover how to find buyers in China.  Says Muessig, “Companies interested in learning more on selling to China can find information and connect with Chinese buyers through our platform ExportToChina.com at https://www.export-to-china.com or on our Chinese platform Huijinkou.com at http://www.huijinkou.com

About ExportToChina.com

ExportToChina.com is an online B2B marketplace for global suppliers selling to the China market. Businesses in a wide range of industries can easily connect with distributors, wholesalers and agents in China by promoting their products on the company’s exclusive platforms: ExportToChina.com (https://www.export-to-china.com) & Huijinkou.com (http://www.huijinkou.com). With headquarters in Hong Kong and representatives in China, USA, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Russia, ExportToChina.com provides the most effective channel for businesses looking to expand in China.

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