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SELLERSEDGE.COM Launches First Ever Powertrain Warranty For Private Party Used Car Sales

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Only Transferrable Short-Term Warranty Offered In Private Market in U.S. 11M Private Used Car Transactions Annually. Sales and Buyer Security Now on Par with Dealers.

Napa, CA (PRUnderground) January 27th, 2015

There’s exciting news today for private sellers of used vehicles, which have grown to encompass approximately 11 million transactions each year. For the very first time, private sellers can now purchase a Seller’s Edge Warranty for their car, providing the buyer of their vehicle with a 90-day, factory-style powertrain warranty through There is no competitive product to Seller’s Edge available in the U.S. market today; it is an entirely new concept. The Seller’s Edge warranty offers security for the buyer and a distinct sales advantage for the seller, putting what used to be a somewhat uncertain transaction on par with what was formerly only available when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer.  Starting today, if a used vehicle passes a 40 point inspection made by Seller’s Edge, the seller is now able to provide that inspection summary and a 3 month, 3,000 mile warranty to the buyer of their car for an approachable price of $295, announced Luis Nieves, Chairman and CEO of Trustmark Auto Warranty.

Obtaining a Seller’s Edge warranty is simple and all online.  Once at the website, the seller enters the make, model and mileage of the vehicle he/she is looking to sell.  If it is less than 15 years old, has less than 150,000 miles, and is not an exotic or high-end automobile, it will most likely qualify for an inspection.  Once the seller pays the $295 warranty fee online, Seller’s Edge will arrange for an inspection at the seller’s home or place of business, whichever is most convenient.  If the vehicle passes the inspection, the seller is issued the written warranty with the activation code for the buyer.  Once the vehicle is purchased, the buyer simply enters the activation code online at and the warranty is activated with no waiting period.  If the seller’s vehicle does not pass the inspection, the seller is rebated $215, less $80 for the cost of the inspection.

“We have been on the wholesale side of the auto warranty business for over two decades, and found there was a huge gap in the sales advantage and security in transactions of private used vehicles, which is why we’re launching this exciting new consumer warranty product, Seller’s Edge,” explained Nieves.  “We envision it becoming such a needed and well-received warranty product that pretty soon buyers of used vehicles from private parties will begin to inquire, ‘Why doesn’t your car have a Seller’s Edge Warranty?’  It truly levels the playing field in the private marketplace, offering a level of security on both sides of the transaction for a price that is easily recouped in a quicker sale.”

A division of Trustmark Warranty, Seller’s Edge vehicle service warranties are backed by an A rated insurance company maintaining $26 billion in assets, and the administrator for Seller’s Edge possesses an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  Seller’s Edge is licensed to do business in all 50 states.  Visit


For the first time ever, the seller of a used car is now able to offer a factory type power-train warranty to the buyer of their car – thereby offering the same advantages to both the buyer and the seller that previously was reserved to dealerships. With 11 million used car sales made in private transactions each year in the United States, Seller’s Edge is a product that effectively levels the playing field for private sales of used automobiles. Seller’s Edge protects the buyer, while at the same time differentiating the seller’s car from others on the market; all for the very approachable price of $295. Seller’s Edge is a product whose time has come – and will soon become the gold standard for all future used car sales made between private individuals.

Additionally, sellers of used cars soon will be able to post their automobile to a proprietary Seller’s Edge website, where only cars that offer the firm’s warranty will be listed. Sellers remain free to post their car to Craig’s List, eBay Motors, etc., yet now they will be able to post it with the Seller’s Edge emblem, notifying buyers of its warranty. After all, everyone appreciates the additional sense of security a warranty brings to significant purchases, especially when it comes with such a small price tag. Soon it will become a question of, “Why don’t you have a Seller’s Edge warranty?”

The advantages of a Seller’s Edge Warranty make it a clear choice to the seller of a used car. The factory-type power train warranty not only differentiates the car from others on the market, it provides a high degree of security for the buyer, which can result in a quicker sale at the asking price.

And it’s easy to get started. Once a seller qualifies their car online at, by simply providing the make, model, year, mileage and zip code of where they reside, the seller can purchase the Seller’s Edge Warranty right there on the website. The zip code allows Seller’s Edge to schedule an inspection at the seller’s home or office, within the contiguous United States plus Hawaii. If the car passes the inspection, Seller’s Edge provides warranty documentation for the seller to give to the buyer, plus stickers and an emblem to include with any photos or listings on websites advertising the vehicle for sale.

The advantages of buying a used car with a Seller’s Edge Warranty are numerous, and turn what can be a high-risk purchase into one that comes with the comfort of a warranty not unlike you would obtain at a dealership. And it’s the first time a used car warranty can be obtained for a private sale between two individuals. The warranty assures you that the car you’re buying has passed an intensive inspection. In fact, Seller’s Edge is so confident in the car, that the company is willing to issue a factory-type power train warranty in case a covered repair is required to the car within 3 months after purchasing it. Plus, you can relax in the knowledge that the Seller’s Edge Warranty is backed by America’s number one service contract provider that has been in the automotive insurance industry for 25 years, and is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau.

Activating the warranty after a car is purchased is incredibly easy. The seller will provide the buyer with documentation and an activation code. The buyer simply enters the activation code at the Seller’s Edge website and it’s up and running! There is no arbitrary waiting period, and if for some reason a repair is required during the 3-month warranty period, the owner can take their vehicle to any reputable repair facility near their home or office.

It’s that easy – and that smart.

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