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Search Marketing Vs. Sought Marketing

Industry: Direct Marketing

SEARCH MARKETING Vs. SOUGHT MARKETING Marketing on the internet is about marketing through the World of Search and Google. They really are one and the same. The Search

United States (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2012

Marketing on the internet is about marketing through the World of Search and Google.

They really are one and the same.  The Search internet has created the most productive, disruptive and effective means of information transformation in all of history. It has also changed the nature and the way we market products and services.

It wasn’t long ago that if you wanted to find out about something that you didn’t know about you would seek out the most qualified person in your circle of friends or acquaintances and pose the question to them. Outside of seeking opinions, I’m not sure we even pose questions to each other anymore…..amazing how times have changed.  Now we all simply open our browsers and type in exactly what it is that we are looking for. It’s not just information that we seek on the internet its everything.

Need a date, a house, new car, book, song, dog, camera, restaurant or anything for that matter….whether it’s a product, service or information all you need to do is type it into your search bar and there’s a very high probability that you will find exactly what it is you are looking for.  The World will never be the same and many or most of us still don’t understand the profound change that this has made not only in our lives but for all of time to come.

That’s Search for you and Search Marketing..

But wants and needs are still created in this World.  After all we are a people of creation, not in a philosophical way but in a practical way.  When a need exists without a solution we create. When we create without a need existing we promote it and inform so that it becomes a want. If we are lucky enough and good enough as marketers, eventually it becomes a need.

Traditional direct marketing is losing interest and ground to search marketing, but should it? Not at all… mail, email, telemarketing, space, radio, mobile and television all serve the same fundamental marketing purpose, they create needs and wants.  Whether it’s a product, service or information if no one knows about you or your product it can take years before search can leverage itself.  You’ll be at the mercy of adoption and word of mouth.

The biggest problem with search marketing is clutter and dilution.  The reality is that every day that goes by more and more gets added to the internet….more products, more services and more information. More money needs to be spent and more money is paid to increase rankings in searches. At the same time the return on investment from paid search marketing declines for the aggregate of advertisers over time.

Sought Marketing is the new paradigm, its old school marketing turned upside down and spun on its head.  It’s a change of philosophy and understanding of the role that direct marketing plays in the tool belt of an effective marketer. The future of marketing isn’t in Search Marketing it’s in Sought Marketing.  Creating needs and wants for products so that you can leverage the strength of the internet to decrease your costs and increase your ROI as consumers seek you out because of your relevancy. Social media and search marketing all start with product and service awareness.  Without awareness you are dead in the water.  Effective Sought Marketing creates a want and creates a need which generates direct sales and direct searches for you, not the competition.

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