RLC Condemns Planned Attacks on Syria

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The situation in Syria clearly does not meet the Constitutional standard for immediate reprisal in response to an attack on the United States.

United States (PRUnderground) September 5th, 2013

Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) charters all over the country are joining in a national write-in campaign to demand Congress oppose any further intervention in Syria.
“Our members are unified in their belief that an attack on Syria does not serve our national interests,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “This is an important time for Congress to assert its authority and rein in this administration’s disastrous foreign policy.”
The Republican Liberty Caucus of Maine directed their concern at the Republican leadership in the House, calling on Speaker Boehner “to stand up for Republican principles and rescind his endorsement to the President’s initiative to strike Syria with military action.”
In Texas the focus was on the Constitutional requirements for the use of the military, with the complaint that “this administration has consistently ignored and worked against due process in their domestic security policy, and they continue to be hostile to the concept in their foreign policy, resisting calls for Congressional oversight.”
Republican Liberty Caucus endorsees in the House and Senate are already taking the lead on this issue.
Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) is making a series of appearances in Michigan to get feedback from constituents this week. According to Amash, “the President hasn’t come close to justifying war in Syria, and I know few Members of Congress who support an attack on Syria based on the current reasoning of the administration.”
Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) was impressed with constituent opposition to intervention in Syria. “My phones are blowing up, and an overwhelming amount of constituents are opposed to intervening. I think if you had the vote today, while members were in their districts, the resolution would fail,” Massie said.
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has threatened to filibuster a bill authorizing intervention in Syria, making the point which seems to be widely agreed on that the Syrian situation does not meet the standard for intervention. “I think the line in the sand should be that America gets involved when American interests are threatened. I don’t see American interests involved on either side of this Syrian war,” Paul said.
“With public polling at around 90% opposing intervention and the administration having failed to make a convincing case that military action is called for, we hope more and more members of Congress will line up to oppose the administration’s plans,” Nye said. “Only the most out of touch elements of the Republican leadership seem willing to go along with the Democrats who are pushing for war.”
The Republican Liberty Caucus has launched a nationwide write-in campaign to encourage members of Congress to stand on principle and exercise their Constitutional authority to reject the president’s demands for war, sending a clear message that the American people are tired of endless wars that don’t serve our national interests.
“I think everyone agrees the use of chemical weapons is monstrous and should be condemned,” Nye said. “However, the situation in Syria does not meet the Constitutional standard for immediate reprisal in response to an attack on the United States.”

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