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Willie Richards, JD, MBA RPA, has put together a team with more than thirty years of experience in providing property management, brokerage and investments services.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) April 4th, 2015

Investing in the New York real estate market requires experience and insider knowledge into the market and industry. In order to locate and manage profitable properties, a full range of services is necessary. To maximize your potential investment success, seek out a realty group that offers all of these services and has the proven experience to ensure ongoing success.

Building a strong foundation for your investment plan begins with brokerage. A broker acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, with fiduciary responsibility to clients. The Richards Realty Group  is a leading brokerage firm providing accurate information to their clients by using technology to ascertain current market conditions as well as to forecast future trends and opportunities.  

Once a deal has been brokered, the Richards Group is there for clients by providing superior full-service property management.  Service begins with proper rent structuring per New York law, followed by complete vetting of tenants consisting of credit, criminal, and rental history screening. Ongoing management services means that the Richards Group will ensure smooth operations and preemptive identification and resolution of maintenance and legal issues as well as proactive marketing, accounting, and human resourcing. The group’s efficient and profitable methods preserve wealth for their investors and encourage uninterrupted cash flow.

The Richards Realty Group is experienced with various property types, both residential and commercial, but they are anything but stale. Professionally designated by the RPA and certified by NYU, the Richards group and its members continue their education and remain current in each category of services offered. They have proven successful for decades in brokering transactions and managing those investments for maximum revolving profit.

The best way for an investor to ensure success is to partner with a realty group that has a track record of success and offers all of the services necessary under one roof. The Richards Realty Group is just such an entity and with them, you can be assured that you are working with a partner that embodies integrity, honesty, and commitment to your mutual success.

About Richards Realty Group, NYC

Willie Richards, JD, MBA RPA, has put together a team with more than thirty years of experience in providing property management, brokerage and investments services throughout New York City. In addition to his studies in the law and business, Richards is a real property administrator (RPA), a designation which is administered by Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) International, an independent nonprofit institute for property and facility management education. Only about 3,500 people in the US hold this title which qualifies them to manage large properties of over 40,000 square feet (about 3,500 square meters). Owners can therefore rely on Richards Realty Group to manage their properties so that they obtain the highest possible net operating income. He stays up-to-date on operating expenses and maintenance techniques to assure the owner of dependable, honest management and a steady cash flow.

In addition, Richards can give reliable advice with his expertise in brokerage and real estate investments. He maintains his knowledge of real estate markets, which can change unexpectedly. His market analysis and foresight can assure investors a long-term profit and the confidence of a sound investment. Clients of Richards Realty Group can expect ethical, honest treatment. Those who want to rent, buy or sell a property have strong representation with Richards Realty Group. Owners with property being managed can look for accurate reporting procedures and timely financial reporting. RRG implements efficient operating procedures, whether dealing with highrise, lowrise, Shopping Centers or Office Buildings.

As owner of Richards Realty Group, Willie Richards uses his strong organizational and analytical skills to the advantage of his clients. He has experience in all aspects of property management including landlord and tenant relations, writing and negotiating contracts, and their ensuing obligations and benefits. Richards is a leader in the industry, holding membership on several boards and institutions of learning including BOMI and the NYU Institute of Real Estate. He holds certificates from the NYU Institute of Real Estate in Building & Property Management, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance and Licensed Real Estate Broker. Clients recognize Richards’ professionalism in commercial and residential property management and real estate brokerage.

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