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Retail Exit Strategies Revealed

Industry: Retail

G.A .Wright has prepared an extensive package of materials dealing with all of the key issues a retailer might face when making a decision to get out of the business.

United States (PRUnderground) January 17th, 2013

G.A. Wright Sales Inc, the leader in Store Closing Sales events for retailers has developed key strategies for preparing to exit the retail business.

G.A .Wright has prepared an extensive package of materials dealing with all of the key issues a retailer might face when making a decision to get out of the business.  These include, obtaining the highest return on investment, selling everything including furniture and fixtures, negotiating debt, complying with government regulation, dealing with vendors, bankers and landlords and many other issues few retailers face in the course of every day business.

For this Exit Strategies Planning Kit CLICK HERE.

There are many ways for a retailer to leave the business. Some might choose to sell as a going concern. Others will auction their inventory or try to negotiate a bulk sale.  These approaches are generally not the best way to sell a retail business quickly, safely or for the highest return on investment in inventory and other assets.

The sale of a business that was a significant personal investment and carried some incredible      emotional baggage was a difficult decision to make.  But once we signed with G.A. Wright, I             experienced an immediate feeling of relief.”  GA Wright client Martha S. Murphy

You’d probably agree that it’s possible to sell items individually at a higher price than can be obtained by selling those items in bulk. I can show you how to sell a retail business by selling every piece, from inventory … to fixtures … to office furniture and equipment, to the buyer who will pay the most.

By conducting a professional store closing sale, the inventory and other assets of a business can be sold to consumers for far more than can generally be obtained any other way. It’s fast, safe, and the best way to get the highest price.

            “In 27 years, no sale brought so much response. … We could never have planned or executed it      by ourselves. We were absolutely stunned by how fast and completely our store emptied out into the hands of happy customers. It far exceeded our expectations in sales,customer participation,and excitement.” G.A. Wright Client Sheila Sattler Kale

            If you plan to exit the retail business you can receive an extensive packet of information at no cost or obligation if you CLICK HERE.

G.A Wright creates action-oriented Store Closing Programs that sell the entire inventory and all other assets of a store quickly, safely and for the highest possible prices.  Each Store Closing Program is custom designed, taking into consideration store location, market demographics, inventory, sales history, competitive environment and the store’s employees.  The objective of the sales plan is to obtain immediate results, produce heavy shopper traffic, and turn that traffic into sales.

About G.A Wright Sales, Inc.

G.A. Wright specializes in Professional Store Closing Sales that can sell all of the inventory and assets of a business quickly, safely and for more than can be obtained by selling a retail business as a going concern.  Retailers also refer to these sales as Going Out of Business Sales, Quitting Business Sales, Total Liquidations Sales, and Retirement Sales. 

We also provide High Impact Sales Promotion Services that are designed to attract crowds of customers and produce a big increase in sales volume for ongoing retail businesses.  These sales are called Overstock Liquidation Sales, Wall to Wall Sales, Emergency Sales, Clearance Sales and Fire Sales.

Sales are conducted by referring a Professional Consultant who acts as an independent contractor working directly for the retailer.  These Professional Consultants are Experts that can help plan and manage the execution of High Impact Sales Events or Store Closing Sales.

To determine if a Professional Sale makes sense for a retail store it’s generally helpful to receive more detailed information about G.A. Wright that can be sent via mail and will include Case Histories, Letters of Reference from past clients and an explanation of how we work with Retail Businesses.  

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