Research on parcel shops & locker networks by Apex Insight sheds light on high-growth niche

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Parcel shops and locker networks are quickly being rolled out across Europe and now generate several hundred million Euros in revenue

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2014

New research from Apex Insight finds that parcel shops and locker networks are quickly being rolled out across Europe.  They are rapidly becoming an essential component of the logistics operations involved in getting internet purchases into the hands of consumers while also remaining a key element of spare parts logistics operations.

In addition, the networks now generate significant levels of revenue.  The report gives our estimates of this, how it segments by country and type, what its key drivers are and our forecasts for revenue growth over the period to 2018.

Those building networks frequently advocate them as the best solutions for long-standing problems such as last mile delivery and home-shopping returns.  Networks have the potential to offer benefits to a range of different parties by providing a combination of increased convenience and lower costs. Key benefits frequently cited include improving the economics of typical parcel carrier operations through greater consolidation, increasing the success rate of consumer deliveries and hence retailers’ satisfaction level, reducing time lost by field engineers travelling to the depot for spare parts and driving additional footfall and revenue to sites hosting them.

This report analyses the development of these networks with particular focus on seven leading territories (France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK).  The study finds that networks have been rolled out most rapidly in northern European countries and that, in some countries, the number of locations now exceeds the number of post office outlets.  The networks and strategies of the main operators – including parcels carriers and independents such as InPost and ByBox – are reviewed and locker manufacturers, such as KEBA, Logibag, InPost and TZ are profiled.

The full market report: “European Parcel Shop and Locker Networks: Market Insight Report”, which includes insights from interviews with customers, profiles of the leading players, as well as growth forecasts for the market and its key drivers, is available from

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