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Rental Car In New Zealand Website Rises in Google on Its Own

Industry: Car Rentals

My site has risen up the rankings in Google as the penalties appear to have fallen away and the algorithm has changed.

Australia (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2015

The owner of the rentalcarinnewzealand website has revealed that the website has climbed through the SERP ranks in Google, apparently without any kind of extra SEO assistance. This revelation has added another twist about the ongoing debate regarding the value of SEO services.

“Since April 2012 I have done nothing to the site but about 18 to 24 months ago it appeared in the SERPs in the low 800s for the main search term,” admits the owner. “Then 9 months or so ago it was ranking about 150 and today sits at #77 after jumping up the rankings several weeks ago.”

The website offers car rentals to tourists and local residents in New Zealand. The vehicles it offers include sedans, hatchbacks, vans, campervans, and motor homes. It offers suggestions on things to do in New Zealand, information about the hotels in the country, and a free no-obligations quote.

The website isn’t a new website at all, as it has been a well-established site that was set up 11 years and 8 months ago. But a Google update in April 2012 decimated it from the Google rankings. It disappeared from the search engine results pages (SERPs) although it was never fully de-indexed from Google.

The cause of its rise in the rankings is debated, but according to some SEO experts it is the result of Google’s own updates and changes in its search and ranking algorithms.

The likely cause of the disappearance of the website was one of the April 2012 Google updates. There were 4 of them for that month, and the first April update included 50 changes. A parked domain bug in Google was also reported, in which parked domains (websites which did nothing but only showed a temporary page) were devalued from the rankings but some websites were mistakenly identified as parked domains. The website may have been misidentified as such.

The Google updates have been rolling in continuously as the time passed. Since April of 2012, Google rolled out 28 updates for the rest of 2012. Another 16 updates were released for 2013 and 2014 saw 15 updates. So far in 2015, a single unconfirmed update has been released, and SEO experts say that the update may have placed greater importance on e-commerce websites.

The improvement of the website in the Google rankings has fueled speculations as to the true value of SEO efforts from commercial companies. Critics of SEO efforts point out that these SEO tricks are not that important, since an unchanged website can climb through the SERP ranks without any sort of help.

However, SEO experts point out that ranking #77 on Google doesn’t help at all, because most potential customers don’t go that far. About 90% of Google users limit their search on the first page, and very few go past the second page of results. To get to the first page, they claim, SEO measures must be undertaken.


This service has been operating steadily for more than a decade, providing a variety of cars to both local residents and tourists alike. The rates are reasonable and the vehicles are reliable. It can be found online at, where potential customers can ask for a free quote.

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