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Release of Two Book Set, The Regulators: Hell On Earth Announced

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First Project by Man Cave Creative Arts and Entertainment Group

Wahoo, Nebraska (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2014

The two book set, The Regulators: Hell On Earth went into publication on April 1st and became available by the publisher’s parent company, as well as Barnes & Noble Booksellers on April 4th. The project is the first successful attempt at getting a writing project into print in thirty-six years of trying. The author, Douglas H. Youngs chose to self publish the books with the Amazon company, Create Space Publishing after years of trying to draw the attention of traditional publishers as a first time writer.

“The decision to self publish the project was difficult with the credibility of self publishing being a major consideration, but at the age of sixty-one it was the route of least resistance after years of frustration over trying to break into the business as a new writer”, the author stated.

MCCAEG was created as a launching pad for writing projects and a place to post new works where feedback could be obtained. The Hell On Earth story is a tale of a band of vigilantes with extraordinary powers, and a very human side to them, who hunt and pass judgment on violent criminals, are then hunted by the government as criminals themselves and in the end, save the world. Man Cave is located at

The author was born in Silver City, New Mexico and was a resident for forty-nine years. He attended Western New Mexico University, first for the oportunity to write, then for the purpose of earning a degree. He moved to Nebraska in 2002 and began to write again and with the creation of The Regulators idea finally found the means to publish his work. The books are the result of the inspiration by a group of people who provide the personalities for the main characters in the story.

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