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Several of our sites – such as Coghurst Hall - also offer convenient access to great fishing spots, which are ideal for any keen anglers visiting the parks.

South England (PRUnderground) February 21st, 2012

One of the benefits of cheap caravan holidays is the freedom that they give to spend your break in whichever way you choose. Park Holidays UK has many quality resorts throughout the south of England, raging from Devon in the west to Suffolk in the east, each of which boasts beautiful settings and first-rate facilities. Several of our sites also offer convenient access to great fishing spots, which are ideal for any keen anglers visiting the parks.

Perhaps the most appealing place for those looking to cast a line is Coghurst Hall in Sussex – the heart of this magnificent former country estate near Hastings is the impressive lake which dominates its grounds. This vast centrepiece is known to be home to some particularly large carp, which is partly in abundance because only our guests can take advantage of the pristine waters.

Even if fishing doesn’t appeal to you, you will still find yourself reinvigorated by the tranquil atmosphere of the area. Standards and conservation are important at Coghurst Hall, so use of the lake is restricted to those who are serious about the sport; make sure you have your NRA license with you when you arrive and don’t miss out on your chance to discover this exclusive location!

Whatever your plans for this year, be sure to look up Park Holidays UK and get ready to experience a truly relaxing family getaway. Whether you are trying to find caravans for sale so that your group can enjoy returning again and again to your favourite destination, or just want to book a brief weekend away to recuperate, we will have a package to suit your needs. If fishing, golf or simply lazing on the beach is your idea of fun, our 25 parks and the surrounding towns and countryside are bound to provide enough stunning scenery and exciting activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Editor’s Notes:
Park Holidays offer a range of facilities designed to give you the best value for money holidays you are likely to find in the UK. With 25 fully equipped parks stretching across south England’s coasts, from Devon to Suffolk, Park Holidays are the perfect choice for family breaks.

From traditional caravan holidays to camping and even static caravans for sale, Park Holidays have everything you need for a great value getaway.

For further information and bookings, contact Park Holidays on or 0845 815 9775.


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