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Here at Earth Elements, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of solar panels in Devon, suitable for anything from homes and businesses.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2012

With the world’s resources beginning to rapidly decline, many people are having to find alternative ways in which to source power. One venture which has seen a rapid increase in demand is solar energy, harnessing the suns rays using solar panels and transforming it into energy for your needs.

Here at Earth Elements, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of solar panels in Devon, suitable for anything from homes and businesses, to schools and community buildings. One of the plus factors on having a solar panel system is its incredible financial benefits, helping to save you hundreds of pounds every year on household bills. Each system comes attached with a feed in tariff, offering a set amount for every kW of energy produced over a 25 year period. With around 1200kW of energy per m2 of energy produced annually in the UK, it guarantees to dramatically reduce your household bills.

Another positive is the environmental factors surrounding solar panel systems. It could help you save up to one tonne of carbon dioxide every single year, putting your mind at ease that you’re pledging your support to saving the planet.

Finally, with no moving parts, solar panel systems are almost maintenance free, so once it’s installed you can live worry free while it gets to work saving you money.

But there is still one issue, what happens when there is no sun? Fortunately solar panels are becoming constantly more resourceful, with innovation allowing even more efficiency, producing energy even on cloudy days.

If you feel a solar panel system, heat pumps or any other renewable energy measures could be beneficial to your home or business, why not contact us today to discuss your options?

About Earth Elements

Earth Elements are national providers of renewable energy technologies, installing solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps and a range of other sophisticated systems into both commercial and domestic premises. Our products have been designed to help both lower consumer costs and make the UK a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to live.

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