Recover Your Roots National Tour 2016 Announced

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Hair loss workshop from Ky Smith, Trichologist and Hair Loss Expert, aims to eradicate hair loss

Torrance, CA (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2016

Ky Smith had been a specialized cosmetologist for years before suffering with hair loss. When she went to the dermatologist, she was diagnosed with alopecia areata and given cortisone injections. During her own trichology research, she discovered that the underlying cause for her hair loss was an autoimmune disease. Now, she is sharing her passion for discovering the root of hair loss with people as a trichologist and hair loss expert.

Through the Recover Your Roots National Tour 2016, Smith is offering her signature Recover Your Roots workshop at cities across the country as part of a movement that aims to eradicate hair loss by increasing public awareness.

“I invite you to join women just like yourself, who are on a mission to gain power over their hair loss. This day will be filled with education, inspiration, and empowerment so that you can begin making hair loss a thing of your past,” said Smith.

Attendees discover the 7 reasons why they could be losing their hair, as well as the 3-step strategy that stabilized Smith’s hair loss and restored her hair. The entirety of the workshop is designed to help women discover the root cause of their hair loss.

More than 21 million women in the United States suffer with hair loss, and research shows that people spend more than $3 billion per year on hair loss treatments that are ineffective.

For women who are struggling with hair loss, sifting through research and trying treatment after treatment is expensive and frustrating. “I use to be you, and I know how helpless and alone it makes you feel,” said Smith. According to Smith, she suffered with hair loss for years. Even after seeking professional help and spending money on co-payments and treatments, she still had questions and no results. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and she has since specialized her education by becoming a certified trichologist. Now, she enjoys sharing her discoveries with the other women who are traveling down the same path that she was on just a few years ago.

Smith looks forward to presenting her in-depth, 3-hour workshop to women across the country. Attendees will learn how to treat their hair loss using a synergistic approach and how to restore their hair. Attendees will also receive interactive workbooks for evaluations, goody bags with gifts for maintaining their hair, a copy of Discover The Secrets to Healthy Hair, and a private 30-minute hair loss consultation, depending upon the ticket level chosen.

“If you are serious about eradicating hair loss once and for all, and ready to gain power over your hair loss, this workshop is for you,” said Smith.

Smith has partnered with Advanced Trichology, Hair 180, Sheen Magazine, and Nairobi professional, the official sponsors of the Recover Your Roots National Hair Loss Tour. Each of these companies are recognized for their integrity and superior products that support healthy hair care.

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About Ky Smith

Ky Smith, Trichologist and Hair Loss Expert, specializes in helping people uncover the root of their hair loss through the Recover Your Roots workshop, consultations, and her book, Hair Talk, Hair Heart & Soul – Discover The Secrets to Healthy Hair.

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