Recent Power Failures Cause a Rapid Increase in Diesel Generator Sales

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Whole home generators and backup diesel generators are flying off the shelf at Aurora Generators Inc. The storms that took out power to over 100,000 customers in Ontario Canada and the recent tornados in the USA are to blame.

North America (PRUnderground) June 13th, 2011

Many customers in Ontario Canada are still without power. Hydro officials in Ontario say they have made considerable progress restoring the electricity lost from Thursdays storm. Progress many claim is taking far to long.

While many business have shut down from a loss of power, one Canadian company has been extremely busy, Aurora Generators Inc. Aurora produces and supplies both whole home generators and portable diesel generators. Aurora says they have seen an bigĀ  increase in generator sales this season. This last power outage may have been the finial reminder people needed, that it is time to have a back up power plan. Electricity is not restored as quickly as it used to be. For many, this recentĀ  power failure have resulted in loss of food in fridges and freezers, failed water pumps, loss of air conditioning and communications. The cost of power failures can quickly adding up.

“People are also concerned about our failing hydro grid” says Ron Katz, president of Aurora Generators. “There has been a steady increase in the number of failures and the length of time it takes to have power restored. There is no need to sit around waiting for the lights to come back on. People can generate their your own electricity. Aurora Generators produces smokeless and whisper quiet diesel home generators. Ron says no special gas hook up is required. Diesel fuel lasts longer, is not a volatile as gasoline. The engines also last four times longer.

Aurora Generators expects the calls and visits to their website will continue to increase as power is restored. It takes a significant event to make people realize just how much we depend on electricity.


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