Puro Sound Labs Partners with Audiologists to Protect Children’s Hearing

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Headphone company expands program to help prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss to audiologist, building on top of an initiative it started with the Hearing Health Foundation

La Jolla, California (PRUnderground) June 16th, 2015

Puro Sound Labs, a premiere consumer electronics audio company, today announced a new audiologist program with multiple initiatives, all aimed at increasing awareness of the connection between noise-induced hearing loss and headphone use. The company created the program in response to the overwhelming outpouring of positive comments from audiologists around the world when the company introduced its Healthy Ears® headphones for kids earlier this year.

“The sheer number of emails and tweets we received from audiologists was amazing,” said Tom Grueskin, Puro Sound Labs’ CMO. “These professionals are worried. Today’s extended use of headphones and earbuds at damaging volume levels is causing noise-induced hearing loss in a whole generation of young people. We’re just beginning to realize what a serious problem it is. So in addition to offering our Healthy Ears Bluetooth wireless headphones that protect hearing, we wanted to partner with audiologists to increase awareness of this health risk. We decided to create a program that connects customers directly with audiologists through our website, giving them a forum to ask questions and learn about noise-induced hearing loss from an expert.”

That program, “Ask Our Audiologist,” is live on Puro Sound Labs’ website, http://purosound.com/ask-our-audiologist/. Anyone can ask a question about hearing health and get a personal answer from a professional audiologist like Noël Thayer, a New York licensed audiologist. Thayer was one of the first audiologists to applaud the company’s Healthy Ears products.

“When I first saw an ad for Puro Sound Labs’ kids headphones, I reached out to the company right away,” Thayer said. “I was impressed with what they are doing to help raise awareness of noise-induced hearing loss, and to give families the tools to avoid it without banishing music and videos and cellphones. I have begun to see more and more young people with noise-induced hearing loss in my practice, caused by high volume in headphones and earbuds. Before Puro Sound Labs introduced Healthy Ears headphones, there really wasn’t anything on the market, particularly for teens, that addressed the issue.”

The “Ask Our Audiologist” web page will also help customers connect with audiologists in their local area. Another initiative in the program, audiologists are offering Puro Kids BT2200 Healthy Ears wireless headphones directly to patients in their offices.  

Hearing health is a foundation philosophy at Puro Sound Labs. All of the company’s products are designed to promote healthy listening. The company has also committed to donate a portion of every sale through 2015 to the Hearing Health Foundation, the largest private funder of hearing research.  

According to Claire Schultz, Hearing Health Foundation CEO, noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable, but prolonged exposure to sounds that are 85 decibels (dB) or above, such as loud music, can cause damage. “By placing an 85 dB volume limit on their headphones, Puro Sound is taking significant strides toward protecting children’s hearing against premature hearing loss. We are excited to work together to achieve the same goal of both educating and providing consumers with hearing-friendly solutions,” Schultz said.

To find out more about safe listening levels and how to prevent hearing loss, visit http://hearinghealthfoundation.org/safe-and-sound.

About Puro Sound Labs

Established in 2014, Puro Sound Labs is a premiere consumer electronics audio company that designs innovative and audiophile-quality products at disruptive prices with an emphasis on hearing health. The company’s first product, Healthy Ears® wireless headphones for kids, received outstanding reviews from audiophiles, audiologists and mommy bloggers. Puro Sound Labs has been able to replicate big room sound in headphones and in-ear monitors through the use of sophisticated audio engineering, creating products that not only sound good, but are good for listeners’ hearing. For more information please visit PuroSound.com.

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