PRUnderground’s press release servers were upgraded tonight

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矢印イメージIf you noticed some downtime tonight, it is because we upgraded the PRUnderground servers to handle more users and more releases. We moved to a cloud server setup from a shared hosting environment and we expect it should make a big difference with site performance. If you noticed an increase of memory and server issues over the last few weeks (they would have displayed to you as a temporary site outage), well it is because we were hitting server limits.

Given that November was the biggest website traffic month ever for PRUnderground, we moved to a new cloud infrastructure that immediately should improve site uptime, and will also allow us to very quickly scale up as PRUnderground grows.

Thanks for your patience and apologies if you experienced any site issues recently. Sometimes during these types of server migrations unforeseen issues can come up, so please do not hesistate to contact us if you are having trouble with your newsroom, your press releases, or the payment process. ( or 646-801-6772)






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