Prone to Itchy, Allergic Eyes? AllergyEasy Drops Stop the Cycle at its Source

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Eye drops address the symptoms of allergic eyes but AllergyEasy sublingual immunotherapy drops treat the underlying allergic disease for lasting results.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2016

Spring can be beautiful, but not for those who have to view it through red, itchy, allergic eyes! AllergyEasy under-the-tongue drops-a simpler, safer alternative to allergy shots-can help stop the cycle of allergic eye problems by treating the underlying allergy (not just its symptoms).

Dr. Stuart Agren is the director of AllergyEasy which provides the under-the-tongue drops to prescribing doctors around the country. He said that the drops can provide a long-term solution for patients who are prone to the red, itchy, mucous-crusted eyes that come with allergic conjunctivitis.

allergyeasy.png“Medications like antihistamines and eye drops can help, but they only address the symptoms,” said Agren. “Until the root allergy is treated, people often develop eye problems with each new pollen onslaught.”

Immunotherapy is the only treatment proven to change the underlying allergy and is available through allergy shots or through the simpler, safer option of under-the-tongue allergy drops such as those offered by AllergyEasy.

The drops are taken daily, absorbing into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth. The drops contain extracts of common allergens. As the body is exposed to them, it learns to make peace with them instead of continuing to overreact to them in ways that lead to symptoms such as conjunctivitis.

According to Dr. Agren, people who develop allergic conjunctivitis more than a couple times during an allergy season would likely be a candidate for the long-term benefits of AllergyEasy drops.

About AllergyEasy

AllergyEasy helps allergy doctors around the country provide sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to their patients who suffer with allergies to pollen and food allergies (including dairy allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy, fruit allergy and more.) AllergyEasy can connect patients to a doctor in their area who offers sublingual allergy treatment.

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