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PRO-TF Pro Launches With Replicating Websites And A Dynamic Prospecting Tool For $9.95 A Month

Industry: Direct Marketing

4Life Research’s Best-in-Class Protein Supplements Now Matched by Best-in-Class Business Building Tool Called PRO-TF Pro

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) July 10th, 2015

Proteins are the building blocks of life, and just in time for 4Life Research’s rollout of its new best-in-class source of protein—the PRO-TF line of supplements—Kevin Moore, a 4Life Gold International Diamond Independent Distributor, has created the building blocks of a better business with the best-in-class PRO-TF Pro system.

PRO-TF Pro is a new, easy-to-use business building system available starting today with a list of benefits­ that includes a custom shopping-enabled replicating website, a high-end contact relationship manager (CRM) and the revolutionary prospecting tool Success Sketch™—all at the eye-opening price of just $9.95 a month.

“Not all proteins are created equal,” says Moore. “And I think we can agree that not all business building tools are either. But with the introduction the PRO-TF Pro system, we’re offering a business building tool that is the equal of 4Life Research’s cutting-edge PRO-TF line of protein supplements.

PRO-TF Pro launches with long list of business-building benefits available nowhere else, including:

  • Replicating Website
  • Links to 4Life Social Media
  • Ad Links to Online Shopping
  • Ad Links to Join Your Team
  • Electronic Presentation Tools
  • Video Content and Articles
  • Success Sketch Promotional Codes to Share
  • Prospecting Training
  • And Much More…

The PRO-TF Pro system comes complete with the one-on-a-kind prospecting tool called Success Sketch™, which helps new and current distributors fill their prospect pipeline faster, better and easier. Success Sketch identifies and prioritizes prospects who are Ready, Willing and Able to work in network marketing today.

Success Sketch is a 36-question assessment designed to determine and compare your prospect’s attitudes, motivations and actions with those common to individuals who’ve achieved The Dream of personal success as manifested by such things as accumulation of wealth, financial independence, travel and recreation, abundant family time, and possessions. And because prospects get something in return… the results from the Sketch… they feel respected by the interaction.

PRO-TF Pro also includes a high-end CRM module that allows distributors to precisely approach, invite and monitor the progress of individual prospects according to their product interests and entrepreneurial mindset.

“Most of the business building tools for network marketing are pretty generic and lack a dynamic approach,” says Moore. “But PRO-TF Pro is not your mother’s network marketing tool. Between Success Sketch and the CRM, the PRO-TF Pro system is something no one has seen before. And I think the people that respond to the PRP-TF protein supplements are really going to respond to PRO-TF Pro.”

4Life Research and PRO-TF are registered trademarks of 4Life Research in the United States and other countries.

About PRO-TF Pro

PRO-TF Pro is a new, easy-to-use business building system meant to take the work out of network marketing for 4Life Research. It includes a custom shopping-enabled replicating website, a high-end contact relationship manager, the revolutionary prospecting tool Success Sketch, and much more.

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