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PPC Expert “Chad Lieberman” Debates on Supercharged Batteries

Industry: Education

Supercharged batteries will be especially useful for the military during missions, but that’s not all they are good for says Chad Ian Lieberman.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) October 6th, 2015

Internet marketing maven and technology aficionado Chad Lieberman organized and hosted a seminar to educate businessmen on the impacts of future technology on business schemes and how best to prepare for them. The seminar took place at his business premises in New York City.

“Companies are pouring millions of dollars in research to come up with the next battery technology. This will be pivotal in powering many battery-aided systems including electric vehicles, home appliances, handheld devices and power backup systems to ensure continued supply in the event of an electricity outage.

CHAD-IAN-LIEBERMAN-6WSEO.JPEG“The world is eager for the long-overdue supercharged battery which is rechargeable, solving the problem for those who don’t have access to re-supplies such as soldiers during war,” Chad Ian Lieberman noted, describing that currently there was no technology to salvage residual power from almost-depleted batteries, until the supercharged battery.

“The supercharged battery takes batteries that are almost depleted, as they usually are when we throw them away and uses that residual energy to charge up a rechargeable battery. For instance, three used-up AA batteries can charge on rechargeable AA battery in around 24 hours, using the new technology,” Chad Lieberman explained.

He further described the system, stating that a high-frequency step-down synchronous DC converter powers the energy transfer at extremely high efficiency levels. It also has a safety cut-off for temperature, weather-proof encasing and in-built current cutoffs to prevent damage in case of current instability.

Mr. Chad Lieberman explained that while the technology was created with soldiers in mind, there’s no limit to how and where the same can be applied to improve lives. “The main idea was to give soldiers a device they could carry with them during missions, with rechargeable batteries to reduce the battery weight they have to carry.”

He added that having the rechargeable type batteries would solve the problem of disposing used up batteries in a volatile environment while in combat, and reduces the need for re-supply once batteries have run out. “This is a truly beneficial technology to look forward to, given all the possibilities it gives for all business sectors,” Chad Lieberman concluded.

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