PlayRead Launches, Offers Cinematic Trailers for Books

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Platform connects adults, children, and teens with books in an all-new platform

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2015

The team at PlayRead is excited to announce the official launch of their platform. Through PlayRead, readers of all ages can come to learn about books of all genres via visual, cinematic trailers.

With the rise of digital media, PlayRead recognizes that audiences want more appealing ways to learn about books. By offering a platform where authors can publish information about their books in a brand new format, PlayRead is offering a conduit where readers can come to visually see the synopsis of new and classic books alike.

PlayRead Studio, an international production agency, is reaching a new generation of readers by bringing together leading filmmakers from around the world to create engaging trailers for books. By merging the arts of video and written works, PlayRead offers compelling trailers that are masterfully crafted to perfectly deliver a visual interpretation
of some of the best reads of today.
Book trailers can help hook children and teens, who are more apt to pay attention to digital media, and book trailers can even serve as an endorsement opportunity for celebrities.

At PlayRead, however, the mission is to capture the attention of young readers and nonreaders. PlayRead is proud to launch this platform and anticipates a rapidly growing readership over the coming months. More information can be found at

About PlayRead

PlayRead offers a streamlined platform where readers can learn about books via cinematic
book trailers. Authors can take advantage of PlayRead to reach children, teens, and
adults with eye-catching visual trailers.

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