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Pizza for Good: New Cookbook Shows How Gourmet Pizza Raises Thousands of Dollars for Those in Need

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Will Pollock’s interactive cookbook, PIZZA FOR GOOD, shows how America’s favorite food can raise thousands of dollars for charities, fundraisers and other worthy causes.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) December 16th, 2013

PIZZA FOR GOOD by Will Pollock (Agate Publishing; $4.99; December 2013) shows readers how to put America’s favorite food in the service of building community by raising money for worthy causes. His fundraising model has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity. Now he wants to share his plan with you.

You may have seen Will on HGTV and Renovation Nation. But Will’s passion for helping his community goes well beyond those shows. In 2006, he founded ARTvision, a fundraising event where communities and artists come together to raise money for charities helping others less fortunate than ourselves. To date, ARTvision has raised nearly $50,000 last week and will continue its drive to help those in need until New Year’s Eve. (In keeping with the spirit of ARTvision, he will be donating 50% of Pizza for Good’s net proceeds to charity.)

In any community across the country folks from all walks of life can use the gourmet pizza model to raise funds with some seed money and a touch of flair. You, too, can launch your own pizza event that will draw people from all walks of life, allow you to use your creativity and put cash in the hands of those who need it.

Pizza is a culinary magnet. Virtually everyone likes pizza. The craving for the most satisfying dish on the planet can bring people together like no other food. PIZZA FOR GOOD shows readers step by step how pizza can be harnessed for worthy causes.

There are ways to create an authentic pizza fundraiser without killing yourself over minutiae. Make is easy on yourself. PIZZA FOR GOOD will show you what you need to do to get your own Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza up and running including:

·      How to choose the charity or fundraiser that’s right for you

·      How to get grass-roots support for your event

·      How to focus on the purpose of your fundraising event with laser-like precision

·      How to make the Do-It-Yourself and locovore movements an ally to bolster the success of your event

·      All the options for getting all the dough you need for your Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza, including a recipe for gluten-free dough

·      A list of resources to help your find what you need quickly and efficiently

PIZZA FOR GOOD has more than 20 mouthwatering gourmet pizza recipes that are sure to please diverse palates. Their unique names are a reflection of Will’s penchant for pop-culture and the intriguing stories behind their invention tie in to Will’s life as a writer as well.  Among them are:

·      Lulu Lives. Inspired by the legendary LuLu of Fabio’s, the star of the legendary delicatessen on Taylor Street in Chicago’s Little Italy. Chicken, peas, and Italian seasonings blend to create make a bed of heaven on a scrumptious crust.
·      Only Julia Child. A homage to the grande dame of the culinary arts, this pizza gives chicken piccata a French twist—and a brand-new gustatory experience to gourmet palates.
·      Lexstasy. Take white pizza to new heights with this blend of marscapone, ricotta, garlic, mozzarella and topped with jalapenos. Add diced balsamic-glazed chicken to give it an even heartier finish.
·      aMOOgula. Sweet, savory arugula makes for a pesto that takes pizza to new heights. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians.
·      Vampire Diaries. Even the undead will want to risk their certain demise with this out-of-this-world recipe. Learn the secret to sautéing garlic just right not only to ward off vampires but also to make your pizza party more fun.
·      Your Coulis Canvas. Master the art of roasting red peppers and create a ruby-red pizza that will wow your event’s participants.
·      Steak Escape. Grass-fed steak never tasted this good. You won’t find this delicious recipe in your typical commercial steakhouse. (And even if you do it won’t taste half as good.)
What started as a modest New Year’s Eve party is now ARTvision, a regular destination for folks who want to reflect on the past year and the one that’s to come. Oh, yes, and eat some great pizza, too.

Why not do the same for your community?


Will Pollock is an Atlanta-based freelance culture, travel and entertainment writer, photographer, musician, and artist. He is a frequent contributor to a number of national magazines, including Professional Photographer, Art and Antiques, and Sea Ray Living.  His online work his online work can be found at TheBacklot, ProjectQAtlanta, the GA Voice. He is the founder and director of ARTvision Atlanta. His websites are ,, and . Follow him on Twitter @pizzaforgood.


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Pizza for Good by Will Pollock is about how people can easily use gourmet pizza as a theme for fundraisers and charitable events as a means for helping those in need. Pizza for Good shows you how to create your own gourmet pizza event step by step and offers 20 mouthwatering pizza recipes that are sure to contribute to the success of your event.

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